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"While Invisible, I See & Destroy."

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Welcome to my new URL. I apologize for the annoying pop-up ads, but it's a free page and I can't get rid of them. I have finally gotten around to doing some updating. Check out my new pix on every page as well as many new thumbnails. I have also added helpful new ghillie making tips and added new text for your pleasure. Enjoy!

This is my educational homepage on unofficial sniping. I hope you find the information given helpful, however, the information on this website should not be used for any unlawful reason. I consider myself an amateur sniper. I also have a slight obsession with ghillie suits. For those of you who don't know what these are, see my ghillie suit section. There you will find ghillie suit making instructions as well as other tips on making and using them. I also have sections and pages on the basics of camouflage, sniper weapons, the basics of sniping, and Sniping Links I suggest bookmarking or saving this site, because I will be trying to make changes frequently. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, problems with viewing this site, or would like information on buying a custom made ghillie suit, please e-mail me Here or sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page.

Ghillie Suits

This is a ghillie suit. They are the world's most effective camouflage when used properly. These suits are used by snipers worldwide to conceal themselves in all terrain. They are also used by serious hunters, paintballers, and wildlife photographers to get an extra edge on their targets. The original ghillie suits were developed by Scottish game wardens in the late 1800s to catch poachers. They didn't look quite like this, but they were based on the same principles. If you are looking for information on making a ghillie suit, using a ghillie suit, or ghillie suits in general, click here to go to my page on Ghillie Suits.

Custom Ghillie Suits For Sale

If you are looking for a quality, affordable, custom ghillie suit but don't have the time or know-how to make your own, I can hook you up! For details and prices Click Here.

Concept of Concealment

The basic concept of concealment is always relatively the same; blend in with your surroundings. Ghillie suits take this matter to a new perspective. The suit is considered effective if it appears to be "nothing" when in use. By this I mean it doesn't LOOK like a 2-D or even 3-D tree, bush, grass, or leaves, which seems to be the goal of flat (hunting) camo. The suit is supposed to completely "blend" into the environment, not just imitate it. Think of it this way: a camo shirt is like a picture of the woods, while a ghillie suit is like a strand of the woods' own fabric which weaves right in with the rest of the material. This is why the ghillie suit looks so much different than any other type of camouflage. The suit itself is merely a comouflage base. The strips that hang off of the suit (called garnish) are used to tie and weave in additional natural vegetation from the surrounding area to "customize" the suit to wherever it is being used (If you are concealing yourself in the woods, leaves and sticks will help you blend in; while if you are in an open field, grasses should be added, etc.) The strips on a ghillie suit, when lying down or standing upright, help to blend away the edges or outline of the familiar human body. The suit has its greatest diversity when many different colors are used. However, the colors MUST all match natural colors in the environment. If not, the whole purpose of the suit is desroyed: SEE ABOVE PIC (notice how the brown and tan suit is very effective in that particular area, while the green suit, does not blend into the dead grass).
Basics of Sniping

Sniper Section Sniping is not for the average man. It takes a special, rare breed of soldier to look into the eyes of another human being and knowingly take his life. Snipers must possess a primordial stalking and killing instinct. They travel not with a unit or platoon, but in one and two man teams. The shooter's teammate is a spotter who aids in range calculation, multiple target situations, calling shots, and covering the sniper during the course of the mission. This scaled down form of warfare is much more personal to the soldier than conventional warfare. It accomplishes much more with much fewer losses as well. Trained snipers are the armed forces' most affective individual soldiers. To see some of the sniper's tools of destruction, check out my Weapons Page.

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