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Added a Teaser to a new untitled fic. Warning though, it's very short so far. Don't worry though. I'll be adding a 1st chapter soon!


A couple days ago I began my fanart page. So far I have two fanarts. One by Anne Lockhart, the other by Justice.


I updated and completed 'Disturbing Revelations'!! YAY!


I finished! (finally) Read and be happy ;)


I'm really sorry everyone! I havn't gotten much chance to get on the internet at all, but believe me, once I'm done all my school exams and have highspeed internet, I'll get it done! I promise, just give me two more weeks at the most!


I changed my site! Recently known as 'Chiko's Home of Gundam Wing Fanfiction' to the new and improved (I think so anyway) 'Heart of the imaginations' My page should now work with Netscape as well, although I have yet to test it... X_X; And I added old fanfiction to my new site and a ton of updates and a few new fics as well!