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Those He Loves: A FAKE Website

Isn't this layout nice? Ryo is so cute ^_^

I've got lots of images, and some other stuff for you all to enjoy! I hope you like! I'm gonna really try and keep this looking nice (but seeing as how the series ended, I'm not sure how much updating there will be to do! Aiyah!) But I can add fanfics and stuff ^^ So if you want to send me any, I'll happily put them up!

Now, this is Shonen-ai! It features 2 guys kissing (a lot) and they DO get a little closer quite a bit... I do have pictures of it on here, so just click here to hit my crossroads and go to a diffrent page if that offends you. Don't send me e-mails that amount to "You fag... I hate you..." plus a lot of profanity.... I just might show up at your door in my assassin gear, then I'll shove your head down a toilet. I swear.

I'll try to update more often!

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