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I am back from the dead!


Happy New Years from the team at Auzzie'z HQ! And yes, there is now more than one person working on this site. Look on my blog (Auzzie'z) But it's still Auzzie'z. No take over (yet) so nothing really will change. But some things that will change on this website:

Less dead links

More pixs of stuff

Better pixs

More time to spend on the site

More Reviews

Less unfinshed pages

More HTML skills being shown off

Even though 2 people are working on this website now, that doesnt really mean that there will be something new every day. Maybe something here and there. I want to get this stuff done also because I hate unfinshed stuff and other than my RX-7 and a stack of models in my basement, this is the other thing that is unfinshed and maybe my video game collection...


Well, i have been gone for sometime so thats why i havent done a bunch on my website. i know i have been saying i will get some pixs and stuff like that but i just got a new car (1993 or 1994 Mazda RX-7, yellow with a black carbon fiber hood if you want to know ;) ) so all of my cash has been into that thing. i hope i gert a cam for Xmas! and the good thing is i did get a new link to a 40K website. well, more like 2... the 1st one is Grim Stalker's IG. Great place for Guard stuff and great opening movie might i add. and the other thing is a web form i am part of for 40k also. my 'SN' on it is 'catachan_devil_666' and i am mostly in the Tau, and IG forms but i can pop up anywere i want!


yep, i know this is bad for me and my site but......i got a new part of the website opened! yeahz! but for you gundam fans, dont worry, i will still do gundam kit reviews! but if you REALLY want to see a tank review or something from my 'past' reviews. well, idk about that. i just want to stick to some kits like gundam or something. i still MIGHT do a tank or a plane review ion the future but dont count on it SO soon. plus with the blog thingy, i will have a new blog thing every 2 weeks unless something REALLY cool i must say so i think thats all i need to say about this 'update'. tally ho! :)


well, look at my blog and u will see what is new with the site and yes, i did get my angelfire account unlocked now! yayaz! and theres some updating to do!


got a new blog message in today. check it out! and happy 4th of july! hey mike, weres my M80s?


got a new model review done! so bust out the vodka! :) it will take me alot longer to type up reviews so hold on AND i am getting some new model tips in 2 weeks.


Well, within this month, i will be getting a web cam so that means i can get some model pixs up REAL soon! and for the poll, there is more info on fireworks soon when i findout something new. and i am going to update the poll with new questions. and keep on answering my questions!


Sry u guys that I haved updated my site in some time because my main computer is down. So, I have do some updating at school :(. When I get my PC back up, I will do some more updates. O wellz......


Yo, Lt. Auzzie is back from the dead! My 1st Angelfire web site is 'killed' because of to many polls so I restarted my web site. It's bigger and better than my other one.

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I have to give thankz to all of the info I got for my website and sayings. If you find something thats yours on the site AND can prove it (ie: saying, model pix, info, etc), tell me and we can work something out.

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