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The Boltman
The Boltman
Here are a few samples of my bolt work. The cost is $57.00 for Mosin Nagant bolts using my bolt body. (presently out of stock) I can however modify your bolt for $50.00. The cost for modifying a Mauser bolt is $40.00. Additional body parts polishing is $5.00 on any bolt. My bolt handles are welded onto the bolt body unlike the Ebay versions which are threaded and Loc-Tite used to hold it from turning. I know this because I have fixed enough of them. You can contact me at or call me at 508-757-5989 Please visit the websites listed below for more information on the Mosin Nagant rifle and other great Gun Forums
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Russian Repro Sniper Bolts 
These bolts are about as close as you will ever see to the real Russian sniper bolt. The handles are welded onto the body unlike others that I have seen that are soldered into a hole drilled into the main bolt body or threaded in and Loc Tite used to keep it from turning. I know as I have repaired these. This bolt will work with the PU, PE, PEM, PO and POSP scopes. This bolt will not work with the ATI or Rock Solid scope mounts.
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Comments (18) | Add a Comment

I just got my bolt back and I have to say that you are an artist. Thanks for doing such a great job. The bolt was the crowning touch on my M44 sporter conversion. Thanks again....Red
Red Barbarossa | | May 28, 2007

I had Jim redo a Mauser 93 bolt for me and it came back better than i ever could have imagined. The polish is like a mirror and the price he did it for is almost nothing compaired to what I was quoted locally (200.00 +) I have recommended all of my friends to have Jim do their bolt work and I will do so to anyone that I meet that needs bolt work done. Jim is a true Artist and obviousely someone that is VERY good at what he does.
Thank You Jim for the work you did for me and I will be sending you all of my future bolt work. Sincerly, John.
John from tulsa | | November 15, 2008

Jim and I designed a left-handed bolt for my Mosin Nagant 91/30. The design works well and is certainly one of a kind. Jim's work is fantastic and he was a pleasure to do business with.
abe | January 17, 2009

Thank you Jim, for the great job you did in converting the bolt handle for my 91/30; it is beautiful. I like the "JR" touch, it shows that you take pride in your work.
After my son saw what an excellent job you did on mine, he is now saving up to have his done.
Jax FL
Sam Smith | May 29, 2009

Great work, loved the craftsmanship. This bolt worked perfect with the PU scope. Thank you very much. again, Great work.
Nathan Barnes | | February 24, 2010

i just got my sweptback bolt in yesterday for my m91/30 mosin nagant and it looks and feels great. very smooth and doesnt stick or hang up. jim does awesome work and if i ever need another bolt worked on, ill send it his way.

chris, tulsa oklahoma
chris baker | | August 22, 2010

Received my Nagant bolt back and all I can say is "amazing". Jim modified my bolt with a bent sniper style, cocking ring safety, and a polish job. It shines like mirror and cycles like a dream. It fits my Boyds stock perfectly (as well as the 91/30 stock). Thanks Jim, great job. OH! BTW, I highly recommend this mans work. - Robb
Robb Thomas | June 13, 2011

WoW. Received my 91/30 bolt back just short of the 12 weeks as promised. WoW, I have been around many weapons and can say my gunsmith nor myself have ever seen such craftsmanship on any aftermarket parts. My 91/30 bolt is incredibly smooth(one finger operation, before this work it took a hand even after mass cleanings). Had the bolt beaded and re manufactured to NEW ATI. This has to be the best job that can ever be done on any bolt. THANK YOU JIM
Theodore Magers | | June 28, 2011

Jim`s bolts are works of Art the shine and polish was awesome I had to put the RayBan`s on! I believe having JR on the bolts rise`s the value just like a real work of Art! :))
Chris Denham | | October 01, 2011

I had two bolt bodies made into PU sniper handles and The Boltman did a great job .
Arnold Moos | | January 02, 2012

I sent my bolt in and when it was returned I could't have been more happy!! What an amazing job and amazing price. Looks like the bolt was made this way.
stephen S | January 12, 2012

Got my bolt back today and all i can say is Jim is a master at what he does ! He is the man if you want the best ! Highly recommend his work ! mine is a work of art and well worth waiting for !
ralph | | June 09, 2012

Jim is truly the MASTER. Received my bolt today, and it is magnificent.

Thanks Jim!
John M | | June 04, 2013

I got my Mosin Nagant bolt back today and all I can saw is WOW! I have no idea how Jim is able to do what he does but the end result is astounding. The work on this bolt is second to none the best I have seen.
Joshua | | September 09, 2013

Jim "The Boltman" is the best. No questions need be asked as to why after seeing his work. I just received my swept back bolt from him and the work is beyond words. I "VERY HIGHLY" recommend him if you are in need of any bolt work for your Mosin / Mauser.

Jim, you're the best, and thank you very, very much !!!
Jim Hupp | | May 30, 2014    Next