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  Hi, everybody! My name's Amina Shichima, and let me be 
the first to welcome you to my site! What?! Oh! That stupid sign
said it first? Well,..I knew that! Of course, I did. I am a genius,
after all. But I hate to brag, so enough about that! Now, on to 
the site! So, look around, relax, and kick back! And leave 
everything up to me, Amina!  

  Okay, so you want to know a little bit about the site? Fair's 
fair, and all, I suppose. So, what's this all about, you ask. 
A perfectly logical question! This is a site dedicated solely to 
the progression of Art and Literature. Well, not really. 
This site is really a gimmick to promote my favorite two guys 
in the world, Duo and Quatre-chan. Oh? What's that, you say? 
I left somebody out? No, Quatre-chan, Duo,..let me see here...
  Oh, right! Deathscythe and Sandrock! Poor Gundams, I didn't 
mean to be so careless-... Huh? What do you mean, what about 
Heero, Trowa, and Wufei? Oh, all right! They're here, too. 
I hope you're happy... 

  So, anyway,..welcome to my site and all...

Now, you're going places!

Here's a few pictures!
My story,.. well,.. so far.