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Wensday July 24th, 2006

Stumbled across my old pacman game in vb on an open source site. Decided to post it here.

Tuesday November 17th, 2004

Finished work on a new version of the soul reavers mod version 3 now has several upgrades upon previous versions. Hence the larger number.

The file and readme are listed below

Soul Reavers v3

Soul Reavers v3 Readme file

For anyone that doesn't know, soul reavers is a mutator I made for the game UT2k4. It creates a special item for each player called a soul which is droped on death. Players that collect several souls will gain benifits from them, such as increase speed, damage and health regeneration.

Sunday, August 24th 2003

Today the Soul Reavers Mutator version 2 has been completed, now the bots don't ignore the souls *gasp* :P.

The Soul Reavers v2 Mutator for D/L

The Info File is Here

Be sure to add the package to "serverPackages=" in the UT2003.ini file if you are going to host a game

Enjoy playing my crazy Mutator, saying thats what you do with your time.

Friday, August 1st 2003

My Warcraft 3 map "Altourus' Islands Of War" has been uploaded, current version is 1.02

Altourus' Islands Of War for D/L

Enjoy playing my crazy Warcraft 3 Map, saying thats what you do with your time.

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