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Gundam Wing: What If?

What if? that's the title,and this website is devoted to those fanfics that ask that question. What if? What if Duo had never met Hilde? What if Heero hadn't killed Noventa? What if the pilots had gone through with the origional operation Meteor?

What if?

::Updates for Febuary 2002::

Update: 2.23.2002

Finally, I got a fic, which let me know that people still come to the site! I have decided to finally update! Yay! This also means that I may finish insight, and there is as new fic. many thanks to tonyduffin ( for reignighting the flame of Gundam: What if?

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Qustions, comments, suggestions, constructive criticizm, and Fanfics welcome. Flames, psychopathic rants and viruses not.

Thanx! ;)

Duo Maxwell;P