Pay attention and this should prove to be relatively painless. There are a few requirements if you want to submit a fanfic to me, please read and follow them or suffer the consequences.

1 - It must be related to Ronin Warriors (YST) or Gundam Wing in some fashion. No other types will be accepted.

2 - If it is LEMON, PWP, or Yaoi please note that when you submit it. Also, tell me any couplings that you may have.

3 - Please note whether it is a RW, YST, or GW fiction. Crossovers will be judged on a fic by fic basis.

4 - There must, I repeat must be spaces every time a new thought begins or there is a new speaker. I will immediately delete any five-page-long paragraphs. NOTE: I read every fic that I post and I have a very busy life, so please don't hound me about when is your fic going to be posted. I will get them up as soon as I can.

5 - Be sure to include your name, where you want e-mail sent, and a disclaimer on your fic.

6 - Do NOT cut-n-paste your fic into your e-mail. I will simply delete the fic. Send it as an attachment in .wpd, .doc or .html format.

7 - When saving your fic, save it as your initials and the first word of your title. It makes things easier on me to keep fics straight.

8 - When e-mailing your fic, make the subject line the title of your fic.

9 - Please run your fic through a spell-checker! If your spelling and grammer are atrocious, most likely the fic will get dumped in my wastebasket. If possible also have a friend or beta-reader proof it for you.

Still want to send in your fics? Then please email me at