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D-Generation X History

Degeneration X History September 28,1997 Pay-Per-View ONE NIGHT ONLY: Shawn Michaels goes against the British Bulldog in a European Title Match he comes out with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna.Thus DX is born. September 29,1997 RAW: DX comes down with their new 4th member Rick Rude. October 5,1997 Pay-Per View IYH:BADD BLOOD: Shawn beats Undertaker in a spectacular cage match. October 6, 1997 RAW: DX show footage of the original "kliq" of Shawn,HHH,Ramon,and Diesel departing in a cage in May 1996. November 7, 1997 Pay-Per-View:SURVIVOR SERIES: Shawn Michaels wins the World Title from Bret Hart.Bret and Bulldog leave the WWF. November 17, 1997 RAW: Helmsley gives a pedigree to Slaughter on a briefcase and teepees him.This was also was the last appearence of Rick Rude.He also showed up on Nitro the very same night. November 24, 1997 RAW: Shawn redoes his victory at Survior Series against a midgit of Bret Hart after he puts the sharpshooter on the Midget Helmsley puts a WCW sticker on his but.Jim Neidhart then comes out and threatens to beat up DX then Michaels says some words and gets him to join DX.After Michaels beats Vader DX attacks Neidhart. December 1,1997 RAW: Helmsley beats Neidhart in an match and sprays "WCW" on his back.He then handcuffs him to the rope.Later Shamrock and Slaughter comes and helps out Neidhart.Neidhart leaves the WWF. December 8,1997 Pay-Per-View: IYH: DX: After Shawn loses to Shamrock by DQ Owen Hart attacks Shawn Michaels. December 9,1997 RAW: DX plays strip poker(see photo in pic gallery)and beats up the Headbangers.Owen comes and attacks Shawn again. December 22,1997 RAW: Shawn and HHH strips.Later Slaghter comes down and has Shawn defend his European Title against Helmsley.Shawn laters lays down and lets HHH win the title. January 18,1998 Pay-Per-View:Royal Rumble: Shawn beats Undertaker in casket match and later the casket is lit on fire by Kane. January 19, 1998 RAW: DX performs the "Suck the Cook" sketch where they have a barbeque. January 26, 1998 RAW: Helmsley has Goldust defend his European title against Owen Hart.Owen wins and Slaughter gives the victory. March 3, 1998 RAW: Mike Tyson joins DX. March 17, 1998 RAW: Helmsley wins the European title from Owen Hart by refs decision.He had from Chyna of course. March 29, 1998 Pay-Per-View:Wrestlemania 14: Shawn loses World title to Steve Austin after Tyson betrays DX and gives the 3 count for Stone Cold.

March 30, 1998 RAW: As Shawn takes 6 to 8 moths off to work on his injured back Helmsley announces himself the new leader of DX and Sean Waltman(1-2-3 Kid,Syxx)joins DX, later they help Road Dog and Billy Gunn win the Tag Titles from Cactus Jack & Charlie and they also join DX.

April 6, 1998 RAW: DX pissed on DOA's Titan Cycles then beat them in a 3-on-3 match later on that night.They nailed them with chairs later on until LOD 2000 made the save. April 13, 1998 RAW: DX beats up DOA again during a special chain match.Chain goes out in a hospital stretcher.After they got done beating up DOA they betrayed Los Boriquas(they helped them beat up Owen a few times)and attacked them. May 5, 1998 RAW: Special 4-on-4 tag match with DX against DOA and LOD. everybody thought X-Pac was gonna wrestle but it was Chyna who replaced him.The match was really great until DOA and LOD decided to attack each other. May 12, 1998: DX invades CNN Headquarters in Atlanta.And that night on RAW Owen bites part of Helmsley's ear. May 25, 1998: Helmsley flies in a blue angel airplane over the arena Nitro was in and sprays WCW Sucks, DX says SUCK IT. June 1, 1998 RAW: After losing in a 6-man elimination match by DQ to the Nation because of Ken Shamrock, Helmsley atttacked him. June 8, 1998 RAW: Special footage of DX in New York City promoting Summerslam coming to Madison Square Garden,they're in bars and music shops and two ladies they met flashed them.

June 28 ,1998 PPV; King of the Ring: Chyna gives a DDT to Owen Hart helping X-Pac beat Owen Hart. June 29, 1998 RAW: Maivia nailed Helmsley with a belt to make him get pinned by Shamrcok in a triple threat match between Helmsley, Owen Hart, and Ken Shamrock. July 6, 1998 RAW: DX dresses up as the Nation HHH is The Rock,X-Pac is Henry,Road Dog is D-Lo,Billy Gunn is Kama,and some other guy i never saw is Owen,they joked around what the Rocked cooked at the bathroom. July 13, 1998 RAW: Shawn Michaels made his redubut(last time we saw him was WM 14)as a color commentator and didn't mention anything about being a DX member.Also the New Age Outlaws lost the tag titles to Kane & Mankind.They got a rematch later that night but it ended up in a no contest after a brawl happened in the ring. JULY 20, 1998 RAW Tapings: Hunter Hearst Helmsley lost the European belt to D-lo Brown.Helmsley also asked a lady to flash everyone.She did it.It was also on the titantron. July 26, 1998 PPV: IYH: "Fully Loaded": Helmsley just about wins the the IC title from Rocky maivia in a 2 out of 3 falls match but the time ran out. July 27, 1998 RAW: In a triple threat IC title match Helmsley and X-Pac fight each other while the Rock runs out and gets counted out. August 5, 1998 RAW: In an IC title shot match for Summerslam Helmsley pedigrees his way to victory over X-Pac after Chyna assisted him. August 9, 1998 Sunday Night Heat: DX shows the crowd their but, then some women shows DX their chests. August 09, 1998 Pacific Blue: Hemlsey plays a minor role in this new episode. August 10, 1998 RAW: DX makes it looks like their gonna split up but instead Chyna shows the crowd her but. August 17, 1998 RAW: In a Street Fight Match where its HHH,X-Pac,and Outlaws vs. Rocky,D-Lo,and Marc Henry; Jarrett and Southern Justice double team on DX and Helmsley gets busted up. August 30, 1998 PPV: Summerslam: Helmsley beats Rocky Maivia in a ladder to win the Intercontanental Title. September 21, 1998 RAW: Billy Gunn teamed with Steve Austin and lost to Undertaker & Kane.X-Pac won the European title from D-Lo Brown. September 29, 1998 RAW: Billy Gunn is pissed at Road Dog for costing him a match. October 5, 1998 RAW: X-Pac lost the European Title back to D-Lo Brown.Marc Henry files Sexual Herrassment lawsuit on Chyna.Road Dog beats Marc Henry with help from X-Pac and Chyna. October 9, 1998: Hunter Hearst Helmsley was stripped of the title for not defending the title within 30 days due to his knee injury. October 12, 1998 RAW: In a One-Night Intercontanental Tournament that night X-Pac made it to the finals but lost to Ken Shamrock. October 18 1998 PPV: IYH: Judgement Day: X-Pac won the European title back from D-Lo, and the Headbangers beat the Outlaws by DQ after Road Dog nailed Thrasher with a boombox after Billy couldn't make a tag. October 19, 1998 RAW: Chyna got arrested as X-Pac defeated Shamrock in a non-title match. October 26, 1998 RAW: Steven Regal attacks X-Pac during his match with Steve Blackman November 9, 1998 RAW: Kane throws a fireball which is suppose to hit the Undertaker, but accidentally nails X-Pac. November 15, 1998 PPV: Survivor Series: Helmsley was still injured so he couldn't face his opponent that night(Rocky Maivia).Gerald Brisco says he'll fine Helmsley later on. November 16, 1998 RAW: Chyna makes her return and Marc Henry says some love poem to her which disgusts Chyna and makes her leave. November 23, 1998 RAW: chyna says she'll go out with Marc Henry to settle the lawsuit. Shawn Michaels makes his return as the new WWF commisioner and orders WWF World Champ to face X-Pac.In the match Shawn nails X-Pac with a chair and joins the "McMhan Corporation" which at this date consisted of: Sgt Slaughter,Gerald Brisco,Pat Patterson,Ken Shamrock,Big Boss Man,Shane McMhan, and Vince McMhan. At the end of the show Shawn and the McMhans do the DX Crotch chop. November 30, 1998 RAW: Marc Henry takes Chyna out on a date which CHyna seems to enjoy. McMhan's cronies help out the Outlaws in their match.Hunter Hearst Helmsley made his return by helping X-Pac not lose the European title to Ken Shamrock. December 7, 1998 RAW: Outlaws do a double cross and leaves the "McMhan Corporatiom" December 14, 1998 RAW: With help from Shawn Michaels, Ken Shamrock & Big Boss Man win the tag titles from the Outlaws. Montley Crew's bodyguard, Test, helps Rocky beat Helmsley. December 21, 1998 RAW: All DX members fight McMhan Corporation members where Billy Gunn beat Shamrock and we thought he won the IC title, but Michaels siad it wasn't a title match, but Road Dog convinced the Big Boss Man to put the Hardcore title on the line and won it from him. Helmsley & X-Pac were about to beat Rocky & Test until Kane came in and gave chokeslams to all DX members. December 28, 1998 RAW: Kane gave Billy Gunn two chokeslams. Shamrock destroyed Helmsley's knee. Chyna tells Terri Runnels & Jacquelyn to stay way from Mark Henry. January 3, 1999 Heat: Chyna and her mysterious friend distract Marc Henry and costs him a match against Helmsley. January 4, 1999 RAW: Shawn rejoins DX. Later on shawn gets brutally attacked by team corporate and Shawn ends up gettingescorted out by an ambulance.Chyna introduces her friend Sammy to Marc Henry.DX celebrates mankind winning the World Title from Rocky maivia. January 11, 1999 RAW: Chyna and Sammy helps Mark Henry after Terri gives him a groin smash.Their was a 10-Man Corporate/DX Royal Rumble that featured(in order of entrance): Ken Shamrock, Billy Gunn, Big Boss Man, Test, X-pac, Jesse James, Kane, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Vince McMhan, and Chyna. Chyna won it! January 18, 1999 RAW: Shamrock beats up Billy Gunn. Chyna gives Marc Henry a groin smash. January 25, 1999 RAW: Kane chokeslams X-Pac after X-Pac offered Kane a spot in DX, then Shane McMhan gave X-Pac the Bronco Buster. Chyna gives Helmsley a low blow and leaves DX to join team corporate. February 1, 1999 RAW: Chyna and Shane McMhan attack X-Pac in a cage. Road Dog nails Al Snow with a chair after teaming with him. February 15, 1999 RAW: With help from Chyna, Shane McMhan won the European title from X-Pac in a tag match with Helmsley/X-Pac vs. Kane/Shane and if X-Pac was pinned, the person who pinned him would become the new champ. February 22, 1999 RAW: X-Pac beat Chyna after Helmsley gave her a pedigree to get a European Title Shot Rematch against Shane McMhan at Wrestlemania 15. March 1, 1999 RAW: Billy Gunn jumps Val Venis after his match. Billy Gunn was suppose to wrestle against him, but couldn't due to his doctor saying he might catch pnemonia. Road Dog returned after his injury, losing to Rocky Maivia. After the match he got in a a backlot brawl with Bob Holly and Al Snow. March 8, 1999 RAW: Chyna holds Helmsley and Kane uses a device that fires a fireball, but Helmsley ducked and it nailed Chyna instead. March 15, 1999 RAW: Road Dog won the Intercontanental Title from Val Venis. Also Billy Gun won the Hardcore title from Bob Holly. Helmsley brawled with Kane later to find out it was the Undertaker under the mask. March 22, RAW: Shane's buddies jump X-Pac in the back in a special street fight match. Hunter Hearst Helmsley uses a big fireball on Kane and beats on him. March 28, PPV: Wrestlemania 15: In the Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Kane match Chyna wacked Kane with a chair and celebrated with Helmsley making it look like Chyna rejoined DX. Later during the Shane McMhan/X-Pac Helmsley & Chyna came down to seemingly help X-Pac(who was getting beat up by Test throughout the match) X-Pac nailed the X-Factor, but Chyna distracted the ref and Helmsley nailed the Pedigree on X-Pac allowing Shane to win, Test, Chyna, & Helmsley beat up X-Pac until the Outlaws run in, but they beat them up too. So either Helmsley formed a new DX with Test & Chyna, or Helmsley & Chyna left DX and joined the Corporation(leaving just X-Pac and the Outlaws in DX) or all of DX went their ways. March 29, 1999 RAW: X-Pac says DX will continue on with just himself and the New Age Outlaws. With help from the Blue Meanie, Road Dog loses the IC title to Goldust. April 5, 1999 RAW: X-Pac and Kane win the tag titles from Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett. April 12, 1999 RAW: During Billy Gunn's match with Val Venis, Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart run in and attack Billy until Road Dog helps out. April 25, 1999 PPV: In Your House: Backlash: New Age Outlaws beat Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett to get a tag team title shot against Kane & X-Pac at the "Smackdown" event on UPN Network on April 29. April 26, 1999 RAW: X-Pac has a lot of trouble cooperating with Kane and because of some miscommunications Kane chokeslams X-Pac. April 29, 1999 Smackdown: X-Pac pins Billy Gunn in his and Kane's tag title defense due to Road Dog's interference. Billy's mad at X-Pac and attacks him after the match. May 2, 1999 Heat: Billy Gunn apolagizes to X-Pac about his attack, but once X-Pac turns his back, Billy Gunn jumps X-Pac and attacks him, thus leaving DX. May 3, 1999 RAW: Billy Gunn fights X-Pac, but the match ends up in a no contest due to interference from Kane and Road Dog. May 9, 1999 Heat: Billy Gunn attacks Road Dog and X-Pac during their singles matches, but ends up getting chased away by Kane during each attempt. May 31, 1999 RAW: With help from Shane McMahon, X-Pac and Kane lose the tag titles to the Acolytes. June 7, 1999 RAW: Road Dogg helps the Godfather beat Billy Gunn. X-Pac and Kane got to beat up Shane McMahon in a handicap match. June 20, 1999 Heat: In a 4 person elimination match Chyna wacked X-Pac with a chair then wacked Hardcore Holly with a chair and Holly fell on X-Pac to get the pin, then Chyna covered Holly to win the match. June 21, 1999 RAW: In a triple tag match(X-Pac, Road Dogg, & Kane vs. Billy Gunn & Acolytes) X-Pac manages somehow to make the Acolytes put their tag belts on the line, in the match it was Billy Gunn who got the pin on X-Pac, and Billy walked out with a tag belt. July 25, 1999 PPV: Fully Loaded: X-Pac & Road Dogg defeated Billy Gunn & Chyna when Road Dogg pinned Billy Gunn via Pump Handle Slam. The Stipulation was the winner gets the rights to DX. August 9, 1999 RAW: X-Pac & Kane won tag titles from Acolytes. After the match X-Pac got Kane to say "suck it." After that Undertaker & Big Show ran in and attacked X-pac, Kane, & Road Dogg August 22, 1999 PPV: Summerslam: Kane & X-Pac lost the tag titles to the Big Show and Undertaker. Road Dogg got in an argument with Chris Jericho. August 23, 1999 RAW: Road Dogg got in a backstage brawl with Chris Jericho. August 26, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: Chris Jericho wrestles Road Dogg and puts him out after Jericho locks on the Lion Tamer on a table. September 23, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: Road Dogg made his return and him and Billy Gunn reunited, winning the tag titles from The Rock and Mankind. Undertaker, Big Show, Viscera, and Mideon also layed out X-Pac. October 12, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: Outlaws lose the tag titles to the Rock and Mankind after Crash and Hardcore Holly interfere October 25, 1999 RAW: DX reunties during a match where the Outlaws faced Steve Austin & Mankind, where X-Pac came in and gave a spinning heel kick to Mankind and Triple H gave the Pedigree to Austin. October 26, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac betrays Kane and gives him a facebuster during there match with the Dudley Boyz. Billy Gunn ends up getting caught in some sort of bear trap. Concrete Wall falls on X-Pac. At the end a net falls on DX, and Steve Austin, The Rock, and Kane beats up DX. November 1, 1999 RAW: Shane McMahon faces Helmsley for the world belt. Shane's dad Vince, tries to nail Helmsley with the World Belt, but nails Shane instead, a Pedigree later, Helmsley retains the World Belt. November 2, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: Helmsley, X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn face Shane McMahon, Kane, Steve Austin, and The Rock in a 8-Man Survivor Series rules elimination match, it boils down to just Helmsley and Austin at the end and Vince tried to nail the Helmsley with the world belt again, but Helmsley ducked and nailed Austin. November 8, 1999 RAW: New Age Outlaws win the tag titles from Mankind & Al Snow. In the main event Helmesley faced Test with Shane McMahon as guest ref and Vince McMahon as guest timekeeper, Test was about to finish off Hlemsley until on the titantron we saw DX torturing Stephanie McMahon, and so Test, Vince, and Shane run back leaving Helmsley to get the win by countout. November 14, 1999 PPV: Survivor Series: Helmsley distracted Steve Austin in the Parking Lot, and Austin ending up getting ran over by a car. The main event for the night was suppose to be Helmsley vs. Austin vs. Rock in a triple threat match, but Big Show replaced Austin. In the match DX ran in and caused a major distraction, Vince knocked out Helmsley with the World Belt and Big Show covered Helmsley and Vince counted the 1-2-3 for the victory and announced Big Show as new champ. November 15, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: DX assaulted Vince's family, by lighting there locker room on fire, and later on Helmsley challenged Vince McMahon to a match at Armageddon. November 21, 1999 RAW: Vince ran into DX's limo with his car several times, later going to jail, in there he scheduled Helmsley vs. Acolytes handicap match where if any member of DX interferes, they'll get a 30-day suspension, Vince got out of jail with bail later on, and during the match Vince whacked Helmsley with a chair off the entrance ramp. November 22, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: DX lets bums into a building and tease them of a thanksgiving dinner before kicking them out of the building. November 29, 1999 RAW: Throughout the show they showed Stephanie McMahon's pre-night wedding party at Las Vegas. In last segment they showed the bartender giving Stephanie a drink "for the road." At the end of the show during the wedding of Stephanie McMahon and Test, Helmsley interrupted with previously taped footage from the previous night where he drove a knocked out Stephanie to a wedding chapel and married her. Everyone at the reception is crying and they chase off Helmsley. December 7, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: Helmsley tosses Shane McMahon off the top of the entrance ramp after signing the papers so him and Vince McMahon will face off. December 12, 1999 PPV: Armageddon: Helmsley beats Vince McMahon in there no holds barred match, after Helmsley nails Vince with a sledgehammer. Stephanie McMahon then embraces with Helmsley. December 20, 1999 RAW: The Outlaws beat up Mankind in the Broiler Room, disguised as Santas. The Big Show beats Kane, with a stipulation where if Big Show win's, Kane's girlfriend, Tori gets to spend the weekend with X-Pac December 21, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: Stephanie appeared to be having troubles with Helmsley, and said Helmsley will be locked above in a cage during the Big Show/Mankind world title match. Helmsley ended up having the key to the lock the whole time and DX beat the crap out of Big Show and Mankind after the match. December 27, 1999 RAW: Triple H signed himself up for a world title match against Big Show, Helmsley was on the verge of winning until a recently fired Mankind, caused him the match. December 28, 1999 Smackdown Tapings: DX beats up Big Show in a 4-on-1 Handicap match January 3, 2000 RAW: Helmsley wins the world belt for the 3rd time with help from X-Pac to beat the Big Show. The Rock faced The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac in a 3-on-1 handicap NO DQ match, where if the Rock loses, he's fired, The Rock won after a recently fired Mick Foley whacked DX with chair shots. January 4, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Helmsley has a lottery drawing to go against any superstar in the WWF. At first he draws the late Andre the Giant, then draws the Fabulous Moolah, then he has Howard Finkel draw a name, and he draws Rakishi Phatu. In there match later on in the night, Rakishi dominates most of the match, and the Outlaws and X-Pac look on from the dressing room laughing at Hunter getting beat up and they didn't help him at all for his match. Hunter gets himself DQ'd after he uses the his Champioship belt on Rakishi. After the match Rakishi dances around with Too Cool, while Hunter and Stephanie keep on saying "It's not over." January 10, 2000 RAW: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg got into arguments, X-Pac got in arguments with Helmsley and had to face him later on in a non-title match, where Stepahnie McMahon assisted Helmsley with the win. Later on DX faced The Acolytes, and The Rock 'n Sock Connection. All of DX abandoned Helmsley, and the Acolytes and The Rock chased them off, leaving Mankind and Helmsley, Helmsley got the pin and busted Mankind wide open, after a pedigree on the announcer's table. Later Mankind ripped off his mask and acted all Hardcore, bringing back shades of Cactus Jack, as he beat the crap out of Helmsley. January 11, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: The Outlaws patch thing up as they beat Faarooq and Bradshaw in 2 seperate 2-on-1 handicap matches, and Helmsley & X-Pac patch things up too, as they beat they Big Show & The Rock in tag team action. January 17, 2000 RAW: DX beats up Acolytes, Big Show & Rock are suppose to be partners to face the Outlaws, but they end up beating each other up. January 24, 2000 RAW: Helmsley & Big Show faces Rock and mystery opponent, it's Rakishi Phatu, Outlaws help Helmsley & Big Sow with the beating, until Cactus Jack runs out and clears house with a 2x4! January 25, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Tori joined up with X-Pac, being his new valet. January 31, 2000 RAW: X-Pac beat Chris Jericho in a non title match with help from Tori, Triple H ets decked out at the end of the show by Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit, Eddy Gurrerro, and Dean Malenko. February 1, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac faces Malenko, New Age Outlaws faces Eddy Gurrerro & Perry Saturn, and Helmsley faces Benoit. If thet get 2 wins they'll get jobs in the WWF, but they lost all 3 matches, plus Gurrerro injured his elbow during his match. Febraury 7, 2000 RAW: Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, and Gurrerro turned on Cactus jack Jack, and made an alliance with DX(not confirmed if they joined the facaction as of this update). In the main event it was suppose to be Helmsley, X-Pac, Malenko, Saturn, and Benoit against Cactus Jacka nd any 4 partners he can find, which turned out to be The Rock, Rakishi, and Too Cool. DX won after Helmsley pinned Grandmaster Sexay after a Pedigree.After the match Kane returned with Paul Bearer and destroyed DX Febraury 8, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac and Helmsley took on Kane in ahandicap match, kane won via DQ, after Helmsley knocked him out with a chair. Kane then chokeslameed Helmsley, X-Pac, and gave a tombstone to Tori. February 14, 2000 RAW: kane fights Helmsley & X-Pac in a No DQ Handicap match, where if Kane wins he gits to face X-Pac in a no holds barred handicap match at NO Way out, Kane ends up winning the match with help from the Rock. billy gunn loses to Scotty 2 Hotty(Scott Taylor) after some help from Grandmaster Sexay(Brian Christopher). It looks like Gurrerro, Saturn, Benoit, and Malenko joined DX. February 15, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: DX unveils the DX Express, there own personal traveling bus, and they lock Kane & Paul Bearer in it and frive them off in it. February 21, 2000 RAW:During a 4-on-4 match between Edge, Christian, and The Hardyz against the Outlaws and the Dudleyz, The Hardyz, Edge & Christian won when Dudley nailed Billy Gunn with a steel chair. Kane uses a pole to break the window of the DX express. February 22, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: DX attacks Too Cool & Rakishi, and looks like they broke Rakishi's ankle, Helmsley & Stephanie drive off the DX Express, with Cactus Jack inside a cage chained a long. And now it appears the Radicals(Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, & Gurrerro) are just friends of DX, not members. Febraury 28, 2000 RAW: DX beats up Billy Gunn and kicks him out of DX after he didn't want X-Pac taking his spot for the Road Dogg/X-Pac vs. Dudleyz tag titles match. March 6, 2000 RAW: Helmsley sets up The Rock vs. Chris Benoit in a steel cage, and the Rock ends up winning, but HHH and Big Show team up on the Rock after the match, and Helmsley accidentally nails Big Show with a chair. March 13, 2000 RAW Tapings: Helmsley makes Big Show vs. The Rock where if The Rock wins he gets to be in the main event at Wrestlemania and if The Rock loses, he must retire, well during the match, where Shane McMahon is the ref, Vince McMahon comes out and whacks Shane and Big Show, and Vince becomes ref, and awards the Rock the match so it's gonna be The Rock vs. Helmsley at Wrestlemania 16. March 14, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac was suppose to fight Kane, but he gets locked in the back of a truck so he has to fight The Rock instead, where he loses at the end. March 20, 2000 RAW: Helmsley defends his belt successfully against Big Show & The Rock, but after the match, Linda McMahon announces a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match between Helmsley, Big Show, The Rock, & Cactus Jack for the main event at Wrestlemania 16. March 27, 2000 RAW: At the beginning of the show HHH beats up the Rock and Mick Foley by nailing Foley with the belt and giving the Rock the Pedigree, later Shane & Big Show face Rock & Vince with HHH and Foley as the refs, Foley is about to make the winning 3-Count, but Helmsley elbows drop him, and they end up fighting, but Rock & Vince McMahon end up getting the victory after The Rock gave a Rock Bottom to Shane and a fast count from Foley. Also in this episode Kane tries to chokeslam Tori, but X-Pac and Road Dogg jump him from behind, and throw him out of the ring, through a table. March 28, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: DX helps Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley win the Womens belt from Jacquelyn. April 2, 2000 PPV: Wrestlemania 16: Road Dogg & X-Pac lose to Kane & Rakishi, afterwords Too Cool & Rakishi dances, then Pete Rose comes out and gets his but whooped for the 3rd straight wrestlemania. HHH successfully defends his belt in the 4-way title match, with a little help from Vince McMahon, who for about the 5th or 6th time, turned to heel and betrayed the Rock by nailing him with the belt so Helmsley can pick up the win. April 3, 2000 RAW: Shane McMahon faces The Rock, but Helmsley interferes in the match causing the DQ, and The Rock ends up getting the Rock Bottom on HHH, and makes the referee count the pin, and he celeberates with the belt, even though the match wasn't official and he didn't even win the belt anyways. April 10, 2000 RAW: HHH defends his WWF Title against Taka Michinkoku and barely comes off with a victory after some interrference from The Acolytes, and Sho Funaki, later The Rock faces Bull Buchanan & Big Boss Man in a handicap cage match, where he must get a victory in order to get a title shot against Helmsley, Rock wins, but then Helmsley beats him up to bloody pulp until the Acolytes run out to make the save. April 11, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Chris Jericho says some rather crude comments to Stephanie McMahon and Tori, and books Jericho in a handicap match against X-Pac and Road Dogg, and after a distraction from Tori, DX picks up the victory. In the main event HHH with Boss Man and Bull Buchanan, took on The Rock and the Acolytes, after a while of brawling, the Acolytes and Boss Man & Bull fought to the back, and the Rock and Helmsley were left, but HHH retreated as The Rock gave the Rock Bottom to Shane McMahon through the announcers table. April 17, 2000 RAW: Chris Jericho beats HHH for the World Title, but Helmsley made the ref reverse the decision of the match. Later Linda McMahon announced that Steve Austin will be in the corner of the Rock at Backlash for his match against HHH, this makes Helmsley furious and's about to give the Pedigree to Lina, but Shane clotheslines him so he won't do it, then they go at it, and finally Stephanie talks some sense into him. X-Pac & Road Dogg attacked Edge & Christian. April 18, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: ECW Champ, Tazz challenges HHH in a non-title match, so he can prove how good ECW is, they fight, but ECW star, Tommy Dreamer accidentally nails Tazz with a chair while the ref was down, and Helmsley wound up getting the pin. April 24, 2000 RAW: HHH says he'll face Jericho and The Rock in a handicap match alone, but later on reveals Chris Benoit to be his partner, and they end up winning the match. April 25, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Steve Austin returns and uses a crane to demolish the DX Express bus. April 30, 2000 PPV: Backlash: Right when it looked likd HHH was about to beat the Rock, Steve Austin comes out and nails special refs Brisco, and Patterson with a chair, he also nails Vince and Shane McMahon with a chair and Helmsley too. Linda McMahon comes out with Earl Hebner, and Rock gives the People's Elbow to Helmsley and wins the belt to end Helmsley's 4 month reign as champ. May 1, 2000 RAW: Shane faces Rock in a cage for the title with Patterson as a ref, and even after all the interference from Helmsley, Brisco, Patterson, and the other McMahons, The Rock still managed to win after Hebner slamed the cage door on HHH. May 15, 2000 RAW: The Rock and HHH are booked in a 60-minute iron man match, the second one ever in the WWF(the 1st one was Bret hart vs. Shawn Michaels at WM 12 in 1996). Shawn Michaels comes out for the first time since August '99 and resigns as WWF Commissioner, and is the new official WWF Spokesperson, and is made the referee for the Iron Man match. Later on, The Rock faces Chris Benoit in a non title submission match, Benoit locks on the Crippler Crossface and McMahon orders the timekeeper to ring the bell and makes the announcer announce Benoit the champ. May 21, 2000 PPV: Judgement Day: HHH wins the title back from the Rock in the Iron Man match. The thing was tied with 5 falls apiece, until about with a minute or 2 left, The Undertaker came back for the first time since September '99 and Tombstoned Helmsley causing a DQ fall for Hunter right when time expired to give him the most fall with 6 and was declared the new champ. May 22, 2000 RAW: The Rock starts the show off by beating up Vince McMahon, later on getting Road Dogg & X-Pac, then Shane McMahon. At the end of the show him and Triple H go at it, and he ends up giving Helmsley the Rock Bottom through the announcers table. May 29, 2000 RAW: Someone mysteriously jumps Vince McMahon, Road Dogg, and Pat Patterson. Then Vince makes Undertaker vs. The Rock in a lumberjack match, but They just end up beating the lumberjacks, but they're too much to handle until Kane comes in and clears house and chokeslams HHH and stands over him raising the World Title over his head. June 5, 2000 RAW: A triple threat match is held that night between Kane, Undertaker, and The Rock to determine the #1 contender for the WWF Title and the winner will have a title shot tonight. The Rock wins and fights Triple H, but loses to Helmsley for umpteenth time after some underhanded tactics by HHH. HHH also makes Stephanie McMahon defend her world title this Thursday at Smackdown. June 12, 2000 RAW: Linda McMahon returns and makes Stephanie defend her Women's title against Lita, which Stephanie won due to interference by Kurt Angle, and makes Helmsley defend his World belt against a mystery partner, which turns out to be Jericho, and HHH wins that match after interference from Stephanie. Also X-Pac defeated Dean Malenko in the Qualifying/First Round of the King of the Ring tournament. Later Helmsley tells Bull Buchanan the Undertaker didn't want to fight him, which makes Bull mad and he steals the Taker's motorcycle. Triple H unmasks Kane and takes a picture of his face and says he'll reveal the photo unless Kane fight The Rock, during their match GTV returns and we see the stooges discussing how the photo didn't develop. This makes the 2 and the Undertaker fight against DX. June 13, 2000 - July 10, 2000: Was gone on vacation, so I'll sum up the DX stuff in a nutshell. Vince McMahon made Triple H defend his World Title in a triple tag match at KotR where it was HHH, Shane and Vince McMahon, against The Rock, Kane, and Undertaker, where The Rock pinned Vince to win the belt. This pissed off Triple H a lot and he developed a lot of hatred towards hid 'dad'. Meanwhile X-Pac and Road Dogg were in a feud with the Dudleyz where they defeated them at the KotR in a table dumpster match, afterwards Tori got powerbombed through a table. Chris Jericho also stirs trouble for DX as he causes Triple H to loose to the Brooklyn Brawler July 10, 2000 RAW: Triple H makes Road Dogg face Jericho and says if RD loses, he's out of DX, he loses and HHH is really pissed. Later, Helmsley says he wants to fight X-Pac, during their match, Jericho comes out to seem to help X-Pac, but instead X-Pac, Road Dogg, and HHH all attack Jericho. July 17, 2000 RAW: Triple H beats the crap out of Jericho with a sledge hammer. Commissioner Foley makes a Last Man Standing match between Jericho and Helmsley at Fully Loaded. July 18, 2000 Smackdown Taping: Helmsley makes the Rock fall into a trap so which turns an ordinary autograph signing into a sneak attack by Benoit. In the match of the night it's HHH/Benoit against Rock/Jericho, and even the Rock gets a DQ loss for decking a ref, Both Rock and Jericho beat the crap out of HHH and Benoit until security breaks it up. July 24, 2000 RAW: X-Pac did commentary during Road Dogg's Hardcore Title match and said he wouldn't interfere because he said him and Road Dogg are having a contest to prove who's the better Singles wrestler. After Blackman defeated Road Dogg with no interference at all, X-Pac said he'd face Blackman on Smackdown! Stephanie told HHH that Foley made a match where if Benoit or HHH interfere they'd be fired. On a desk in their room Stephanie bought Helmsley some flowers with a card, but HHH didn't know they're from Stephanie and he thought he was being set up, so he threw them against the wall in anger. Later Jericho challenged Hunter to a rematch(hunter won the last mad standing match from yesterday) and said that his match yesterday was his greatest ever, but Helmsley said even though Jericho put up a helluva fight, he proved that Jericho is nowhere near his league so he won't get a rematch, and replying to that Jericho ran back to beat up Helmsley. July 25, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac lost to Blackman, as Road Dogg did commentary, after the match they both laid a beating on the Leathal Weapon. Helmsley was suppose to team with Trish Stratus against Lita and Jericho, and as a prematch warm up, HHH was showing Stratus some wrestling holds, while in a questionable position, Stephanie walks in and walks out in disgust, a little later, Triple H walks out really mad and tells the Road Dogg on his way out, "To hell with the match, To hell with my life, and To Hell with my wife!" July 31, 2000 RAW: Road Dogg & X-Pac beat Blackman & Snow in a hardcore tag team match. Triple H and Stephanie makes up, but Foley pits them in a match against Lita and The Rock tonight. Later on while Helmsley is showing Steph some moves, Stephanie gets offended and walks off and say the same stuff to HHH that Hunter said to Road Dogg last Smackdown. So HHH is teamed up with Trish, and they lose after Lita pins Trish, HHH is standing above her then Rock nails Helmsley with a chair and Hunter fall on top of Trish. August 7, 2000 RAW: Triple H and Stephanie make up again, this time for good. X-Pac's about to be beaten by Rikishi, but Road Dogg comes out to help. Helmsley, Angle, and Jericho go at it in a triple threat match for the #1 contender at Summerslam where both Angle and HHH pin Jericho simultaneously after a double suplex, so both Kurt and Hunter are named #1 contenders. August 8, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac faces Rikishi again, but asks Road Dogg for no help, after a good and fair battle, X-Pac barely manages to lose to Rikishi. HHH and Angle are scheduled in a tag match against The Rock and Undertaker. Hunter walks out during the match after Angle accidentally nails Hunter, but Helmsley returns to save Stephanie from getting Rock Bottomed and sacrificed himself to an Undertaker chokeslam. August 14, 2000 RAW: X-Pac & Road Dogg beat Rikishi in a handicap match with a double pin. Kurt Angle meets Stephanie as she arrives, and give her a kiss on the cheek, as a "friend" HHH sees this on the backstage monitor and gets really mad at Stephanie and yells at her which causes her to leave. A backstage messenger, "Joe" steers trouble again between Kurt Angle and Helmsley and tells them to meet each other in the parking lot where VInce McMahon talks some sense into them. August 21, 2000 RAW: X-Pac & Road Dogg face Edge & Christian for the tag titles, but lost after some mistakes, after the match, X-Pac accidentally shoves Road Dogg off the ring apron through a table. Triple H & Kurt Angle beat The Acolytes, but after the match Angle celebrates too long and the Acolytes beat him up a lot which makes Angle wants to leave, but Stephanie helps him stay to support her in her womens title match against Lita with The Rock as the ref, where after The Rock gives a Rock Bottom to Stephanie, then a Lita moonsault, Lita becomes the new womens champion after Stephanie's 5 month reign. August 22, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Triple H and Angle team up to face the Dudley Boys, during the match Angle inadvertedly knocks Stephanie off the ring apron, then Hunter takes her back to the locker room, then comes back to help Angle, but while he gets a beating from the Dudleys and Hardy Boyz, Kurt Angle disses his partner, goes to the back where Stephanie is and hugs and actually kisses her mouth-to-mouth. August 27, 2000 PPV: Summerslam: X-Pac defeats Road Dogg in singles action, and tries to make up for all their fighting after his victory with a hand shake offer, but instead Road Dogg low blows X-Pac and gives him his patented Pump Handle Slam. HHH faces Kurt Angle & The Rock in a triple threat world title match, and after Hunter accidentally punches Stephanie, Angle nails Helmsley in the head with a sledgehammer, then the Rock nails Angle out of the ring then gives Hunter Hearst Helmsley the People's Elbow and gets the pin. While Angle carries Angle out of the arena. August 28, 2000 RAW: Stephanie is absent from the show. HHH asks Kurt Angle where she took her last night, Angle says he doesn't honestly know due to his concussion he suffered last night. Meanwhile Hunter is getting advice on how to deal about the situation from DX buddies, X-Pac, Road Dogg, and his former ring escort, Chyna, Helmsley hugs Chyna after she gives some advice, and Chyna's boyfriend, Eddy Gurrerro just happens to walk in during and gets really mad and they end up having a match where Angle interrupts it giving chair shots to both men. August 29, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Stephanie shows up, and says she was watching over her brother, Shane(who suffered a fall of 75 feet from the titantron at the hands of Steve Blackman) Hunter comes out and they make up. But Angle comes out and shows the footage of HHH and Stephanie hugging, which makes them more irate the whole night, someone hears the fighting and he calls the cop on Triple H, the cops got their when Steph and Hunter were finally getting their differences solved. The main event was scheduled to be a triple threat match between Gurrerro, Angle, and HHH, but with Hunter gone, it was now a regular match, and Foley made Stephanie come into Angle's corner during the match. September 4, 2000 RAW: Mic Foley brings out all the suspects to see who called the cops on Triple H, which happens to bring out HHH himself, Steph, Angle, Gurrerro, and Chyna, the crowd thought Angle did it, but Test comes out and admitted himself doing it for "Revenge" against Helmsley stealing Steph as his wife from the Nov. 29, '99 RAW. They fight in a singles match and HHH wins. Road Dogg pops up as Val Venis's mystery partner against The Goodfather and Bull Buchanan in tag action where they win. September 5, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Another smaller part for mr. Helmsley who just beats Test & Albert in a handicap match. Meanwhile Jericho pinned X-Pac while keeping his feet on the rope. September 11, 2000 RAW: Hunter fought Jericho, and X-Pac ran in and gave Jericho an X-Factor to cause a DQ loss, this got Hunter mad and he shoved X-Pac down. Later while Jericho's doing a signing X-Pac brutally attacks Jericho. September 12, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Commissioner Foley schedules Angle & HHH to team up against Test & Albert, where both superstars make fun of each other, but while Stephanie grabs Test legs and holds him off, Trish knocks Steph down from behind, and while Hunter checks on his wife, Test gives him a slam from behind for the pin. Also X-Pac teamed with Edge & Christian to beat The Hardy Boyz and Jericho in a triple threat match. September 19, 2000 RAW: Stephanie, HHH, and Kurt Angle team up to face Test, Albert, and Trish Stratus, where HHH gets a Pedigree for the win, Stephanie hugs Kurt to celebrate, and Hunter beats the crap out of Kurt for it. September 20, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac teams with Tazz to take on Lawler & Jericho, where X-Pac chases Jericho to the back. In a triple tag match between HHH, Undertaker, and The Rock against Angle, Kane, and Benoit where all, but Angle & Hunter brawl back to the ring, Helmsley whips Angle into an awaiting Stephanie, while Angle checks on Steph, Hunter rolls him up from behind for the 3 count, an enranged Angle gives an olympic slam to Hunter then gives him a sledgehammer shot to the ribs. September 24, 2000 PPV: Unforgiven: Jericho beats X-Pac, but X-Pac beats Jericho after the match with knunchucks. Hunter has busted ribs as he faces Angle, and after all of Angle's shot to the ribs, Hunter still beats him with a Pedigree. Stephanie doesn't even bother checking on him after the match, but joins his husband. September 25, 2000 RAW: In a first blood match, X-Pac busts Jericho open first, but the ref is Knocked out, later Jericho bust X-Pac open right when the ref sees him and so Jericho won. In the main even The Rock faced Benoit for the title accompanied by Shane McMahon, in the match, Benoit accidentally nails Shane with a chair, Stephanie and HHH come out to help him out of the ring, but Benoit accidentally runs into Hunter and so Hunter gives Benoit a jawbreaker, which helps Rock beat him. In return Benoit headbutts Stephanie. September 26, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: With Austin on his pursuit to see who ran him over from the '99 Survivor Series, he interviewed prime DX member suspects, X-Pac & Road Dogg, who denied doing it, but later on, he cost Road Dogg his match for the Hardcore Title against Steve Blackman by whacking him with a chair, and then cost X-Pac his European title match by giving the Stunner to him and champ, Al Snow. October 2, 2000 RAW: X-Pac teamed with Tazz and Raven to take on Chris Jericho and the Dudley Boyz, and after a wild match, X-Pac's team lost after Jericho pinned Tazz. HHH fought Kurt Angle in a #1 contender's match, Hunter told Stephanie to stay in the locker, but a couple minutes into the match Steph came out, later Benoit came out and was about to attack Steph, but HHH saved her, but then Benoit whacked HHH with a chair and Angle got his Olympic Slam for the pin. A angered Triple H then turned his back on his wife. Plus on a semi-related DX note, Billy Gunn made his return to the WWF and appeared for the first time since he got injured this past February and got kicked outta DX. October 3, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Billy Gunn interrupts X-Pac's match against Al Snow for the European title and gives him the fameousser/Rocker Dropper for X-Pac to lose. More trouble between Angle/HHH/Steph which I'm too bored to write about. October 9, 2000 RAW: Yet more, tedious trouble brooling between HHH and Steph, where HHH doesn't want Stephanie escorting him to matches anymore for her safety, yet Stephanie keeps helping Angle win his matches. October 10, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: In a triple threat IC title match, X-Pac nails the X-Factor on Chris Jericho, but Champ, Eddy Gurrerro, tosses him out of the ring, and covers Jericho for the pin. HHH teamed up with Road Dogg and they defeated Benoit and Perry Saturn when Hunter pinned Saturn after a Pedigree. Afterwards Benoit put the Crippler on HHH, and Stephanie tried to help, but Helmsley got mad at her and told her, "What part of no don't you understand?" Later that night, Kurt Angle announces Stephanie as his new, permanent ring valet. October 16, 2000 RAW: Hunter gives the OK for Stephanie to start accompanying Kurt to ringside, and says it is Kurt's responsibility for her safety. Later during HHH's match with Kane, Benoit interfere's and locks the crossface on Hunter, and Kurt kept Stephanie in the back during this. Also X-Pac attacked Jericho during his match with Eddy Gurrerro. Road Dogg also faced off against Val Venis into a no contest. October 17, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: X-Pac teamed with Edge & Christian to take on Jericho and the Hardy Boyz. It ended up in a rumble. Road Dogg beat Raven in a match, he also misannounced the city he's in(He said "Hello, Detroit!" when they're actually in Cleveland). HHH, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and The Rock face off in a 4 corner non title match. Steph, was still in Kurt's corner, Rock got a people's elbow drop on Hunter, but he and Benoit fought out of the ring, and Angle came to the ring to make the pin. October 22, 2000 PPV: Chris Jericho beats X-Pac in the Cage match. No Mercy: Stephanie comes out and helps HHH beat Chris Benoit. Steph goofs while helping Kurt Angle, and gets injured, but Hunter brings her to the back, but Angle ends up winning the World title from the Rock any ways. October 23, 2000 RAW: In a main event triple threat match for the world championship. The Rock, Hunter, and Kurt Angle go to a no contest. October 24, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Triple H teamed with Road Dogg and loss to Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit after the former Radicals cheated to win. October 30, 2000 RAW: Hunter gets a non title match against Kurt Angle, and beats the crap out of him, and loses by DQ. X-Pac is hanging out at WWF New York (an sports bar entertainment complex at Time Square) and he runs into Tori, who chews out X-Pac for allowing the Dudley Boyz to 3-D Tori through a table back at the June 2000 King of the Ring(where we last saw Tori), and slaps him and leaves. October 31, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: HHH faces Benoit, and during it, Malenko, Gurrerro, and Saturn all interfere and have a Radicals reunion. November 6, 2000 RAW: Hunter manages to bring back a DX reunion for one night only by having HHH, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and Chyna(however, X-Pac seemed to be AWOL for the night) team up to take on Malenko, Benoit, Saturn, and Eddy Gurrerro, where they win the match after Hunter pinned Malenko after a Pedigree. Later in an Austin/Rock vs. Rikishi/Kurt Angle match, Triple H comes out and gives a sledgehammer shot to Rock, and admitted to helping out Rikishi run over Steve Austin with a car nearly a year ago, at Survivor Series 1999. November 7, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Helmsley explains his actions for nailing Austin to be that, he hated the face pops he was getting, and it drove him mad! November 7, 2000 Heat Tapings: Road Dogg appears on and off the show, and so does another mysterious superstar by the persona of K-Kwick, they argue throughout the show, and by the end of the broadcast, become new tag team partners in wrestling and singing when both started doing a rap version of Road Dogg's theme. November 13, 2000 RAW: The Radicals now respect Hunter for his actions against Stone Cold a week ago. K-Kwik interrupted Road Dogg's match against Steven Regal for the European title, and both fended off against him(so Regal got a DQ win), A match is signed for Survivor Series which pits Austin against HHH. November 19, 2000 PPV: Survivor Series: In an Survivor Series elimination match, The Team of Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, K-Kwik, and Chyna were all eliminated by the Radicals. When Triple H fought Stone Cold, Austin brang in a fork lift and lifted up Hunter in a car(who was waiting to run over Austin) and raised him about 15 feet in the air, and Austin then dropped the car. This was the last segment of the PPV where Hunter yelled "Holy Shit" as he was being dropped. November 20, 2000 RAW: Road Dogg, K-Kwik, and Billy Gunn all teamed up and defeated The Radicalz in a Triple Tag Match. Stephanie returned after about being M.I.A. for a few weeks and announced her and HHH were attempting to have a baby, and says that Hunter is doing ok after last night's accident. Austin came out, apolagized for not beating up Helmsley even more after the fall, and then told Steph to "go to hell." Stephanie then left crying. November 27, 2000 RAW: Raod Dogg and K-Kwik beat T&A in a match. Stephanie interferes in Austin's match against Angle for the World Title, right when Austin is about to win, Hunter returns and brutally attacks Austin. November 28, 2000 Smackdown Tapings: Commissioner Foley announces a 6 man title hell in a cell match between Champ Angle, and HHH, Rikishi, Steve Austin, Undertaker, and The Rock at the Armageddon PPV. Between, Hunter and Stephanie celebrate their 1 year anniversary on the episode, and Hunter mistakenly attacks Vince McMahon in the dark, mistaking him for Steve Austin. December 4, RAW: Road Dogg & K-Kwik lose to Edge & Christian. Hunter forms an alliance with Angle and Rikishi so they can easily take on Austin, Rock, and Undertaker at Armageddon. December 10, 2000 PPV: Armageddon: Road Dogg & K-Kwik lose in their 4 way dance tag match for the tag titles. Hunter loses in his 6 way Hell in a Cell match and supposedly suffers an "herianeted disc" and is injured. December 11, 2000 RAW: Surprisingly nothing special happened with DX this time on RAW with HHH a no show due to his injury, and Road Dogg & K-Kwik being absent as well. December 28, 2000 Update: Aftermath HHH & X-Pac are still injured and I don't know when he'll be back. Road Dogg was just suspended a few days ago for drug problems. We don't know when he'll be back. K-Kwik is still around, but he's never been part of DX, so I won't include him in the history. It'll probably be a little while before another history update. July 22, 2002 RAW: This day will be remembered as the date DX returned for 5 minutes. In this time, the WWF is now the WWE. The WWE is "split" into two rosters: RAW & Smackdown. Triple H was on the Smackdown roster, and Shawn Michaels is on the RAW roster. The day before on a PPV, Shawn convinced HHH to jump over to the RAW team for more fun. So tonight, Shawn & Triple H came out in DX gear and to the old DX theme music. Hunter started to do his old "Let's get Ready to Suck It" catch phrase, but at the end he turned on Shawn and gave him the Pedigree.