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This is my first story posted, Hidden Agendas. It stars Nick and Sarah Martin, A.j.'s bride-to-be. This story is completely different from those other, cliche fanfix that are getting really, really old. Rated PG-13 for those crazy parents out there that screen everything their children look at on the Internet. (And if I'm talking to YOU, knock it off. If you sugar coat their whole child hood they're just going to be some ignorant rebel when they go off on their own to college.) Boy can I ramble or what! ON TO THE STORY *pass the popcorn*

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Violence * * * * *
Romance * * *
Drama * * * * * * * *
Action * * * * * * *
Profanity *

Chapter One: Fear
Chapter Two: Finally Meeting
Chapter Three: Shut Up
Chapter Four: Screw Up
Chapter Five: Wrong Numbers
Chapter Six: This Fight
Chapter Seven: Disappointment
Chapter Eight: Understood
Chapter Nine: I'm Alive
Chapter Ten: Happy Birthday?
Chapter Eleven: Hurtful Appearances - Added March 16, 2002

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