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Birmingham NEC

26th July 2003

Dirk Benedict

I always liked watching the A-Team when I was younger and Face of course was my favourite. But then it never occurred to me that I would ever meet him. In fact it has only been recently that I even considered the possibility.

Now Dirk had a continuous Que of people wanting to see him and because you could chat of have pics taken with him it was quite a wait before we reached him, but it was a wait well worth it. I found Dirk to be charming and witty, he was very chatty with people and continuously cracking jokes. One man in front of us had a beard and Dirk commented on the beard before saying that when he grew up he was going to have a beard. Another had a model of the A-Team van in a box they wished him to sign, he asked them if they wanted him to sign BA's name and said he was very good at forging BA's signature, he then proceeded to demonstrate this by writing a large X on a piece of paper.

My turn and I had this totally gorgeous pic of Dirk in his younger days that I had found on the net and had adapted a little. He asked where I had found it and said that it was taken in 1979. He then wrote on it "Bless you for remembering, but now is the best". I asked him if I could take a pic of him with my sons and shook his hand as I thanked him afterwards.

A little while later I had decided that I was going to buy a copy of the book, but by the time I got to the table they were sold out so I settled for a pic. I chose a nice colour pic of Dirk in a cowboy outfit, and when I handed him this to sign he said "At Last", so I am kinda wondering if not many people chose that pic. He looked at me and asked my name, and when I told him he said I remember you, you were here earlier. By this time my sons had joined me (as they had not been waiting in the Que this time), and noticing them he asked them their ages they told him (16 and 14 years) and I made a comment about their height (as even my youngest at 14 is several inches taller than me already) and he made a comment and then looked at me and said "what happened?" He also said that he had 2 sons and they were 13 and 15, he said that 2 years was a nice gap as they were close enough to be friends and play together. He signed the pic "One parent to another, Bravo!"

At this point one of the people helping him asked if we wanted a family pic taken with Dirk and no I'm not putting this one up, I was trying my best not to burst out laughing, as there was my 2 sons and Dirk stood at the back and me in the front, and Dirk is having this conversation with my youngest about football/soccer, My youngest was wearing a Man United shirt and Dirk said he liked Man United and asked if my son played football/soccer, when my son said no Dirk then jokingly said he wasn't going to have his pic taken with him then.