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Kate's Corner

This site contains stories and other textual items that deal with mature themes revolving around the subject of spanking. There are no graphics, however some content is sexual in nature. Therefore:

- If you are one of John Ashcroft's minions or in any other way officially linked to an oppressive governmental regime, you are not welcome here.

- If you are an adult residing in an area in which it is illegal for you to access and read erotica, a) this site might qualify as such, and b) you should give serious thought to becoming/voting libertarian.

- If you are considered a minor in the area in which you reside, I am compelled to ask you to leave at once. (But, I mean, it's not like I'm checking ID's at the door...)

Having read the above, I do solemnly swear on a stack of well-worn copies of Frank and I that I am qualified to enter this site.