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Buffy the Vampire Slayer erotic lesbian (femslash) fanfic fiction romance and adventure stories by WyndGyrl - Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Tara, Faith, Cordelia, Anya dreams dark
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 October 23, 2004:
The Box 24 - The Knife
The Box 25 - Sunset (End)

F/B and W/T:
In Your Dreams:
1 - Newborn

2 - Nobody Cares

F/D erotica:
Brat's All Woman-Size

April 2006

Still writing, still maintaining my email.... seriously! More Buffy stories are coming. Not now, but they're coming. I know, you don't believe me. Yet :-) I've been busy with lots of other things, but nothing bad, just busy. At least I made time today to take the "NEW" signs off of chapters from 2004...

Thanks to all my neglected friends who have written to check on me! All stories are still on track... it's just a very slow track lately. Checking my email has been on an even slower track, but I always look forward to emails and can't wait to reply to my backlog and catch up with everyone again :-) I'm sure some of you have big news and I don't even know it yet. Don't feel bad if I haven't replied in a long time... I haven't replied to anyone yet.

If you've asked to be notified of updates, you will be (but let me know if your address has changed). Just ask and I'll put you on my list.

I'll be back in Sunnydale as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting during my absence!

Oct. 23: I'm still at it... whatever real life may throw at me, this is still my only hobby :-) October 23, 2004 - Five new chapters this week, including the final TWO chapters of The Box. (I couldn't fit the ending into one.) I've also posted the first two chapters of my new Faith/Buffy story, In Your Dreams, which will be my focus for a while. In Your Dreams will also tell the unseen story of how Willow and Tara's love began. And I've posted a depraved new one-part Faith/Dawn mini-fic (no connection to The Box) in my long-neglected erotica section.

HGI'm making good progress on other upcoming stories too, including CV: Murder (yes, the CV sequel will be a murder mystery–besides, "CV: Miami" just didn't have that nice ring) and the Willow/Illyria story I've been working on. Even a Firefly/Serenity mini-fic. I'll post those when they're ready. (If only I could control when inspiration strikes, I'd do one at a time!) And I fear my Links page still needs to be brought up to date. If you'd like to be on my list to be notified of updates, email me.

My Stories: (What do those symbols mean?)

2 stories, not connected to each other

PopularAngstLongSeason 6 Buffy learns what a CV is, and her life is changed forever. Also W/T.

Dreams on the Hellmouth
A Faith/Buffy and Willow/Tara trilogy:

In Your Dreams R - NC-17 Ongoing
AngstAngstLongSeason 3 Buffy becomes Faith's caretaker during her coma. Now in progress.

PopularAngstLongLongSeason 6 Dark Before Dawn series:

I Have Never Been to Boston PG-13
PopularAngstSeason 6 Dawn treasures a love that never existed.

I Choose to Believe PG-13
PopularAngstAngstSeason 6 Faith reflects on lost love and past mistakes.

The Box PG-13  Now complete.
PopularAngstLongSeason 6 Dawn faces a new relationship, a deadly gift, and dark secrets.

5 stories, not connected to each other

Witch's Faith NC-17
PopularAngstAngstLongLongSeason 6 A Faith/Willow/Tara love triangle and a feud with Buffy are only the beginning.

Frankly, Scarlett R
PopularSeason 7 Willow/Kennedy after "Killer in Me."

The Last Childe PG
AngstExperimentalSeason 7 Spike reveals his jealousy for Willow and Tara.

Nowhere Far Enough R
AngstSeason 6 Willow uses black magic on Tara.

I Love You Too Much R
AngstExperimentalSeason 6 Even death can't take Tara from Willow's side.

Dreams on the Hellmouth
(The third volume of this trilogy will focus on Tara, Willow, and Kennedy. A future story I have planned.)

Plot and romance too, but may offend some.

Brat's All Woman-Size NC-17
Season 7 F/D. Faith discovers that Buffy's little sister isn't so little anymore.

Pretty Fox NC-17
PopularAngstSeason 5 W/T. After Glory's attack, Willow shows Tara that she's loved.
Inside You (working title) Preview NC-17
AngstLongExperimentalSeason 6 Dawn, Buffybot, Faith, Buffy, Willow and Tara. Preview of a future project.

Forbidden Six R
AngstSeason 6 T/D. Tara is lonely. Dawn is curious.

Pink Flowers R
Season 6 B/D. A spell changes Buffy and Dawn's relationship.

Beauty and Power R
ExperimentalSeason 6 B/D. Buffy sees Dawn in a new light.

TG4B Trilogy NC-17
AngstAngstLongExperimentalSeason 6 B/D and W/T. Buffy and Dawn face an ordeal and a quest for love.

Nonfiction: Wendy PG-13 AngstExperimental Story of the girl I first fell for.

Popular Most popular with my readers
Angst Angst (happy endings still possible)
 Long Long (>5 parts)
 Experimental Experimental (rough)
 Ongoing Ongoing series in progress
 Preview Preview of future fic
Season 6 Season each fic starts in or after  PG PG-13 R NC-17 sex/violence rating: tame to very explicit 
  Story Summaries:
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Dark Before Dawn (Faith/Dawn series)
PG-13, Season 6 spoilers. Faith/Dawn romance, plus Willow/Tara and others. A saga of the Key. PopularAngstLongSeason 6
I Have Never Been to Boston
PopularAngstSeason 6 Start of series. Dawn sets out to say goodbye to someone she loves–but who she knows never even existed! Angst. One part.
I Choose to Believe
PopularAngstAngstSeason 6 Sequel. Faith takes drastic measures to deal with a lifetime of pain, evil and lost love. One part.
The Box
PopularAngstLongSeason 6 Sequel. Dawn comes home to deal with a new relationship and a dangerous gift from beyond the grave. Buffy struggles to cope with her own life and Dawn's. And the secrets behind Dawn's creation are about to be discovered... 25 parts. Now complete.
The Box 1 - Legacy
2 - Temptation
3 - Evil is Strength
4 - Beautiful
5 - Love and Hate
6 - Slaying the Beast
7 - Broken
8 - Purest Evil
F 9 - Witch Trial
10 - Starting Over
11 - Seeing Red
12 - Gifts
13 - Gone
14 - Behind My Back
15 - Slayers
16 - Legends
17 - The Earth Wants You Back

18 - Don't Leave Me
March-June 2004:
19 - Understanding
20 - Suspicion
21 - A New Wish
22 - The Box
23 - Unfamiliar
24 - The Knife
25 - Sunset (End)

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CV (Faith/Buffy)
R, Season 6 spoilers. PopularAngstLongSeason 6
Buffy agrees to a meeting with an old enemy in prison. It's not what she expected. Angst and humor. "CV-1" makes sense alone, but I've expanded it into a larger story of the two Slayers' struggle to fit into each others' lives–and into Willow's and Tara's and Dawn's. 25 parts. (Sequel in the works... CV: Murder.)
CV-1 ~ CV-2 ~ CV-3 ~ CV-4 ~ CV-5 ~ CV-6 ~ CV-7 ~ CV-8 ~ CV-9
CV-10 ~ CV-11 ~ CV-12 ~ CV-13 ~ CV-14 ~ CV-15 ~ CV-16 ~ CV-17
CV-18 ~ CV-19 ~ CV-20 ~ CV-21 ~ CV-22 ~ CV-23 ~ CV-24 ~CV-25 (End)

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Witch's Faith (Faith/Willow, Willow/Tara, Faith vs. Buffy, others)
NC-17, Season 6 spoilers. PopularAngstAngstLongLongSeason 6
Volume I:
Witch's Faith 
1 - Outcasts
2 - Uncaged
3 - Partners
4 - Lovers
5 - Oracle
6 - Enemies
7 - Vengeance
Volume II:
Two Loves 
8 - Hunted
9 - Caught
10 - Healing
11 - Reunion
12 - Showdown
Volume III:
Cold Inside 
13 - Sacrifice
14 - Forgiven
15 - Leaving
16 - Heat
Volume IV:
Last Chance 
17 - Violation
18 - Proof
19 - Watcher
20 - Seduction
21 - Futility
22 - Taken
Volume V:
Slayer's Burden
23 - Slow
24 - Possession
25 - Obsession
26 - Trial
27 - Advice
28 - Bound
29 - Promises
30 - Alone
31 - Judgment
32 - Fate (End)
Witch's Faith
Faith is torn between good and evil. Willow is torn between two very different lovers. Willow's black magic leads her into a partnership with Faith, but when the troubled Slayer's plots turn deadly, Willow must betray someone she loves. This is the story of Faith after prison, of the feud between her and Buffy, of Willow's magic addiction, and of several new villains. Each character has some darkness in her... and some good as well. Warning: explicit lesbian and sprite* scenes. Romance, angst, suspense. Mild domination/submission themes. 32 parts.

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In Your Dreams (Faith/Buffy)
R to NC-17, Season 3-5 spoilers. AngstAngstLongSeason 3
First story in the Dreams on the Hellmouth trilogy (Faith/Buffy, Willow/Tara and Willow/Kennedy). Each story will stand alone, but the "dreams" theme and angsty tone will tie them together. The trilogy will parallel TV seasons 4 through 7 (major spoiler warning), but will take a slightly different path, testing the characters' strength and love during the series' darkest times. It will end the way the series ends–and will tell what happens next.

In Your Dreams
Opens at the end of Season 3. After stabbing Faith, Buffy is overcome by guilt and takes responsibility for her actions. She brings the comatose Slayer home to care for, even though the doctors have told her that Faith will never awaken. As strange dreams begin to haunt Buffy's sleep, Faith's care grows into an obsession that no one else can understand. Meanwhile, Willow makes a very special friend named Tara... and maybe more than a friend. Now in progress. R. (These chapters are new–not the same as the preview posted earlier.)

October 23: 1 - Newborn ~ 2 - Nobody Cares

Over My Dead Body
Opens at the end of Season 5. One Slayer sacrifices her life in the name of love. Another must find the strength to go on alone. Is she to blame for what happened? Or is the tragedy Dawn's fault? And when night falls, are the dreams of her lost companion just dreams... or something more? Future sequel. NC-17?

Worlds Apart
Opens after Season 6. The light has been sucked from Willow's world, and even with the help of Giles and a powerful coven, she sees no way forward. But dreams are powerful things for a witch, and when she closes her eyes, she has Tara's love to guide her. To help her understand her power. And to lead her to a girl named Kennedy, whose life has just changed forever. Future sequel. R?

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The Last Childe
PG, Season 6 spoilers. AngstExperimentalSeason 7
  Nowhere Far Enough (Willow/Tara)
R, Season 6 spoilers. AngstSeason 6
  I Love You Too Much (Willow/Tara)
R, Season 6 spoilers. AngstExperimentalSeason 6

AwardThe Last Childe
Spike reveals that Willow and Tara's love inspired him to seek a soul. Takes place in Season 7. One part.

  Nowhere Far Enough
What if Willow's addiction worsened after Tara broke up with her? What if she used black magic to force her lover to come back? One part.
  I Love You Too Much
What if Tara died, but her love were too great to let her leave Willow's side? Romance, humor, angst. A happy ending for Season 6. A little too brief, I think–could use fleshing out. Three parts.

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Frankly, Scarlett (Willow/Kennedy) R, mid-Season 7 spoilers. PopularSeason 7   Pretty Fox (Willow/Tara)
NC-17 erotica, Season 5 spoilers. PopularAngstSeason 5

AwardFrankly, Scarlett
The unseen story of how two very different people came together right after "Killer in Me." A little angst. A little sex. One part.


AwardPretty Fox
Set after Glory attacked Tara. Willow tries intimacy to ease Tara's suffering. Angst. Warning: explicit sexuality. A Vixen Fiction Awards runner up. One part.

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Brat's All Woman-Size (Faith/Dawn)
NC-17 erotica, Season 7 spoilers. Dawn is over 17. Season 7
  Forbidden Six (Tara/Dawn)
R erotica, Season 6 spoilers. Dawn is over 17. AngstSeason 6
  Beauty and Power (Buffy/Dawn)
R erotica, Season 6 spoilers. Dawn is over 17. They are not real sisters. ExperimentalSeason 6

Brat's All Woman-Size
Dawn faces Faith's dark passion. Faith has something to face as well. Warning: strong (consensual) domination/submission themes. One part.


Forbidden Six
Tara is lonely. Dawn is curious. But six important things stand between them. Set after Will and Tara's breakup. One part.


Beauty and Power
A short re-interpretation of the end of Season 6. Buffy allows herself to see Dawn in a new light. One part.

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Pink Flowers (Buffy/Dawn)
R erotica, Season 6 spoilers. Dawn is over 17. They are not real sisters. Season 6
  TG4B Trilogy (Buffy/Dawn, Willow/Tara, others)
R to NC-17 erotica, Season 6 spoilers. Dawn is over 17. They are not real sisters. An early experimental fanfic in need of some major rewriting! You have been warned... AngstAngstExperimentalSeason 6

Pink Flowers
Based on the memory-spell episode "Tabula Rasa." Semi-humorous, less emotional depth than my other stories. My response to a B/D Tabula Rasa fanfic challenge. One part.


Betrayal: a Letter From Willow
Could Buffy herself ever turn to evil? This short story sets the stage for "TG4B." One part.

TG4B: a Journal
Sequel to "Betrayal." Dawn's private journal of a very unusual struggle. Faith is the villain. Warning: explicit lesbian scenes. Three parts.

Sequel to "TG4B." Buffy and Dawn's journey comes to its fated conclusion, as jealousies erupt among the Scoobies. Warning: explicit lesbian and sprite* scenes. Angst. Seven parts.

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Inside You (working title) (Dawn/Buffybot, Faith/Buffy, Willow/Tara, others)
NC-17 (tending toward erotica probably). Dawn is over 17. AngstLongExperimentalSeason 6
Inside You (Preview of a story that's evolving slowly... not a priority right now)
Preview chapter 2
Dawn and the Buffybot aren't real... and they know it. They both struggle to find their place in the world. Meanwhile, Faith and Buffy become a couple after prison, Willow and Tara are reunited, and Dawn discovers that she might just be a Slayer and a witch! Lots of plot twists, romance and emotion, humor, maybe a little angst... and plenty of sex! Buffybot and Dawn are the main characters, and part of the fic is Buffybot's POV. Warning: when I eventually post this story, it's bound to have something to offend everyone! Domination/submission themes, you name it. (Tell me to put you on my updates list if you wish to be notified of new fics.)

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