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Summer's VA Resume

Finally! It's here! I have made a real resume of my amature voice acting. It isn't anything really special, unlike many I have seen. It is just the facts and nothing more.

Name : Summer
E-Mail :,, and
Voice Range : Medium Low to High
AIM : WhispyCool


SamplerDate CreatedAuthorMixerBGM Credits
Sampler 1APR.28.2002SummerSummer"Steal My Kisses" Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Wish List
Here is a list of some parts I wish to audition for in the future:

  • The Mentally Disturbed
  • Spy or Thief; Someone who is always involved in the action.
Note : Those Productions Marked with a "*" means that the project is dead or completed.
Roles are displayed in alphabetical order by production name.
Roles that are highlighted in red are cancelled roles. Those roles highlighted in yellow are pending.

ProductionRoleProducerProduction Organization
Untitled#9PyroBakaHi no Hana Studios
Ad UltimumAllexielle DawsonTrev MunNot Available
Cruel DreamsPersia EllizRizzoTarnished Tear Productions
Destiny's KeyKimeraRaine TomoeRavenHawk Productions
Destiny WarriorsAutumnCrystal JupiterCrystal Jupiter Productions
Di Gi Charat -- Rabi~En~Rose Loses Her Dice!Usada/Rabi~En~RoseSadaiaNyo Productions
Dynasty: A Ranma 1/2 Radio PlayNarratorEmpress VenusAnime Vertex
Exo-Squad: Wounds of the PastControlMcCorvicHoly Crap! Studios
Finale HuntersSeleneSaphire ConnorDown the Rabbit Hole Productions
Final Fantasy IX : The Summoners CrystalFreya & QuinaKamahni HuckEmerald Gem Anime Studios
The GabaldianSorceress ChantelleSpirited RinoaSpirited Productions
Magical Girl HuntersNurseMythEnd of the Line Studios
A MSTING of Final Fantasy VII*MargieSarah the BoringOverworld Audio Plays
Night World Series :Secret Vampire/Daughters of DarknessNarratorAlyxParadise Productions
Once Upon a MattressQueen AggravianAmby LeighNot Available
Paradigmattica*Queen NovaSpacesOrange Rocks Productions
Pegulia WeyrLayneStephy-chanNot Available
Ruby Red*MotherMystic BlossomMystic Blossom Productions
ShadowsAnita ArthurQuisty James--Email 1; Email 2; Email 3G.S.K. Productions
Stormbringer RPZaroziniaAlnac KrebDiamond Voice Theatre
Syphon's MythLoveMyth & BlueEnd of the Line Studios & Blue's Voices
Trek Wars : The Furry ConflictPilot Officer 1Captain Marc XavierNot Available
Trip to the Beach! A FF9 RPFreya CrescentSakura HanyaanNot Available
Weiss Kreuz OVAReinaHieru YoukoSilver Illusions Studios
The Westfork DistrictGenesis ChambersKyndrillRisorgimento
Yue Takasuka 's Oshima Company*Ichikawa ShioliLeskaChill Out & Etc. Productions