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First publication in a major magazine:
Penthouse ran my article on male contraceptives. April 2002.

First publication in a mass-market anthology:
Breeder, Seal Press, April 2001.

Solome´s Birth:
November 22, 1999

Auroroa's Birth
February 16, 1997.

Getting Married to Bobby
September 7, 1996.

In 1987, the year after the Berlin Wall fell (well, really, it was torn down), I travelled with two friends to Europe. Germany was the place of many firsts for me; my first involvement in a riot, my first time seeing burning cars, my first experience of living in a squat, my first time over-seas, getting to Europe was my first flight, and my first time I was ever in community with people of my own age. I was 19.

The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament:
In 1986 a group of activists walked from California to Washington D.C. More than anything, this march become an experience of "being peace." Peace Village, the mobile town that was erected and dismantled nearly every day for 9 months, was run wholly on pure consensus. Those of us who were on the march came from diverse backgrounds, orientations, faiths and socio-economic stratum. Yet, all who were on this path made a commitment to process over outcome, egalitarianism over hierarchy, consensus over majority rule.

My mother took me and my three younger siblings on the Great Peace March (GPM). I turned 15 at the Loveland Pass camp, the day we crossed the Great Divide. I had the opportunity to study with some real pros in the consensus movement, and the whole of the march applied the techniques that we learned in making all decisions. This training was a destinct step in the development of my group process skills.

I came of age in many ways on that long trek from coast to coast. I did a lot of outreach and public speaking, performed in a number of stage productions (among them were a piece my mother wrote called Sadako´s Dance of the Thousnad Cranes, written entirely in haiku form, and based on the heart-rending and inspiring story of Sadako, a child who died of radiation illness after the bombing of Hiroshima, and a couple of modified Shakespeare plays), created and priestessed rituals, made friends and found love in many small towns across the states. I fell in love a million times, and left pieces of my heart strewn like flower petals across the 3647 miles we traversed.

People Who Have Impacted My Life in Untold Ways

Nicholas Yardley

Motherbear Scott (aka Mom)