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Meiling Li

Name: Meiling Li
English dub: Meilin Rae
Japanese Voice Actor: Nogami Yukana
Birthday: March 25
Age: 10-12
Favorite Flower: Lotus
Favorite Subjects: Sports and Music
Worst Subjects: Japanese
Favorite colour: red
Eye Color: Red, Orange
Origin: Hong Kong, China

Meiling is Syaoran Li's distant cousin. As Meiling had no magical powers (The Li family are known for their powers) she was engaged to Syaoran becase her family belived their children would have powers to carry on the tradition. Both she and Syaoran didn't really care and wouldn't have had an opinion if they had cared. She and Syaoran are childhood friends and they used to pretend that they were Cardcaptors together.
When she was about six or seven her pet bird flew away and Syaoran brought it back to her, this sparked her love for him and to this day she loves him.
Upon hearing that there is a card captor in Japan Syaoran leaves in search of the Clow cards. Meiling loyaly follows. She transfers to Syaoran's school beliving the games they used to play as children would become real. She arives and finds that Syaoran is unwilling to exept anything from her, in hopes that she will go away. Meiling sees Sakura as a theat and has alot of attitude towards her during the begining of the series.
Meiling belives that she has to prove that she worthy to be with Syaoran so she does things that somtimes lead Syaoran, Sakura and Tomoyo (Madison) into trouble. She is a very keen matial artist but she can't stand to get any praise from Sakura.
She leaves later in the series to go look after her sick grandmother. As she is an anime original she isn't likely to apper in the actual series after this. She has, however made it into the Card Captor Sakura movie where she and Tomoyo try and get Syaoran and Sakura to confess their feeling towards each other out. I think Meiling does this becase she feels Syaoran's feeling are more inportant than hers. As she and Syaoran were brought up in China where many people belive women to be lesser than men (of corse this is rubbish) but it might be that she is trying to prove that she is his equal, witch can't be easy without magic or clow cards.

Meiling doesn't even hate Sakura. I don't think she's a hating person anyway...

"How could he? I...I loved Syaoran more than anything in the world! I tried too hard to not let anyone else have him...But the worse part is...I really like Kinomoto-san, too! I like Kinomoto-san, too...She's so kind. If Syaoran loves her, then there's nothing I can do...but...BUT I CAN'T STOP CRYING! It's not helping...And I can't hate him, no matter what happens...or Kinomoto-san..."