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Welcome to Barbara's Blimp!

That so-called 'real world' only interupts your fun if you let it.

<----- Word up, peeps! ----->

Hi there! This site is about a girl named Barbara and some of her friends. Check out the links to the left to see some of their adventures captured in comic format! We also have a bunch of fun random stuff, so kick back and look around! There's plenty of weird and funny stuff here to enjoy.

<------ Thanks for coming! ------>


A severed vampire head? Kalisa must be involved...

Barb and Kalisa made this website forever ago, like back in 2004. That is around 700 years ago in internet time! We probably won't add anything new ever again, but we hope you have a good time here; we had a lot of fun making this site. Bye now!

Last updated Jan 2012.
Barbara's Blimp 2012 D&A. No touchy!