10 Years of the Blues

Okay, I know whta you're thinking, "Look, another newbie Nightcrawler site~yawn." Yeah, well, the site is NEW and its made of images I collected throughout my online travels( I have no scanner, but I do actually have a lot of images, tapes, comics and toys emblazoned with nightcrawler's visage) but my love of this blue guy has withstood the tests of time.

Like a lot of x-fans, I first discovered our uncanny band of heroes through the Fox TV show. I was in third grade at the time and the concept of inhuman, misunderstood heroes intrigued me. Like everything else in my life, I soon became obsessed with it. You know, I was the kind of kid who made my Grandma take me to Pizza Hut during their X-Men promotions (I still have my "Night of the Sentinels" tape), and rented the tapes from Blockbuster. But, as many of you are probably thinking, Nightcrawler wasn't in the first few seasons. See, once, by accident, I rented "Pryde of the X-Men", the long lost pilot for an incomplete X-Men tv series. And guess which X-Man I'd never seen before just happened to be in it. He's blue, he's only got three fingers and speaks in a German accent...yeah! He's Nightcrawler!

He immediately became my favorite X-man and I couldn't stand that he wasn't in anything else animation wise (until recently). I loved the fact that he is such a hero, but, (in "Pryde") everyone treated him horribly because he looked like a devil. I am such a sucker for angst ^_^;;;

More Soon!