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Kammalleena was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on January 4, 1973, the fourth child out of five siblings.

Kammalleena studied in Oakville, Canada at Sheridan College and in Kingston, Canada at The Toronto School Of Business.

Kammalleena began writing her children's series in 1984 and expanded more so in 1996 on that series.

Kammalleena began researching in 1993 which she then began writing in 1996 towards her novels, screenplays and soundtracks along with continuing research.

Kammalleena gave birth to a baby girl on October 30, 1996. During the time of her pregnancy, after escaping from a messy relationship, she lived in several different businesses, one being in the dungeon of an arcade, and with several different friends.

Kammalleena, later, moved back to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where she continues to write, draw and make music.

Kammalleena changed the spelling of her name in 2002 to Kammalleena Lovwa.

            Favorite Book: Horror.

            Favorite Authors:

            Stephen King.
            Dean Kootz.
            And the list goes on and on.

            Favorite Film: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Comedy.

            Spiderman.(Most awesome film it was)
            Star Wars films.
            Artificial Intelligence.(Amazing creativity)
            The Perfect Storm.
            The Beach.
            Maximum Overdrive.
            House On Haunted Hill.
            The Shining.
            The Truman Show.
            The list goes on and on.

            Favorite Music: Rock and Dance.

            Tea Party.(They put on a wild concert at the Hamilton Aquafest - definately it was a blast!!)
            KISS.(They were so mesmermizing to watch at the filming of Detroit Rock City in the scene of the concert filmed in Hamilton.)
            Motley Crue.
            Skid Row.
            Jimmy Eat World.
            Sugar Ray.
            Lincoln Park.(Wicked Album)
            Def Leapard.
            Guns 'N Roses.
            Pink Floyd.
            The list goes on and on.

            Favorite Video Game: Galaga, Frogger and Mario Games.

            Favorite Pop: Mountain Dew.

            Favorite Concerts:

            Favorite Beaches: Sauble, Wasaga and just anywhere there is water.

            Favorite Summer Event: Kokanee Parties! Gotta love the music concerts put on at the Hamilton Festivals!!

            Favorite Winter Event: Anything FUN including music!

            Favorite Hangout: Where ever it is FUN including music!