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Ice Capades

This winter, the administration erected a temporary ice skating rink on the tennis courts next to the Schneider Center. Our intrepid reporter took a spin on the ice and shares the results with Wellesley's readers.

12:30 Okay, this is my first time ice skating, but I used to dig roller skates as a kid (none of these high-powered rollerblades for me!). I can do this. Strap on some skates and away I go!
12:31 That didn't go so well. I envisioned gliding across the ice with the grace of Dorothy Hamill, the speed of Michelle Kawn, the perkiness of Tara Lipinski. . . . Sadly, standing seems to be a problem.
12:35 Mastered standing. Can manage to stay upright if I hold my arms straight out and don't move.
12:36 Moved. Am developing a close relationship between my butt and the ice.
12:38 Took two faltering steps! And then . . . down.
12:39 Vertical at last!
12:40 Horizontal.
12:42 Really glad I decided against the skirt with sequins. Temperature -38 at least.
12:45 So this is what ice looks like up close. It's really . . . not interesting.
12:50 Note to self: Consult sports center on ankle-strengthening exercises.
12:52 Can you get frostbite on your butt?
12:53 Yet another close encounter of the icy kind. Michelle Kwan I am not.
12:55 They don't pay me enough for this.

Only a mediocre writer is always at his best.
-- Maugham

Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.
-- Moliere


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