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Monday, August 29    

Comically speaking
It seems strange to pick a new blog to read whilst a good portion of the country is being battered by some bitch named Katrina. (Seriously, that name has "ominous portent" written all over it, people.) A good friend of mine has been called away to help deal with the aftermath of the storm, and that's just a little on the freaky side as well. I thought about picking a blog covering the storm, like Brendan or CNN's Miles O'Brien, but in the end, I'm going with distraction. Today's blog is A Strip a Day.

Maybe I picked it because it reminds me of the Soxaholix and its ghetto-fabulous strips. Maybe I picked it because it mocks Freud, and that is always a good time. In the end, though, I picked it because it made me laugh, and that's sorely needed right about ... always.

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