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Friday, January 23    

We're getting closer every second now, but close is not enough
When I wake up in the morning, I usually have one of two songs in my head. Either I'm So Tired by the Beatles or Tears by Bonnie Tyler. It's obvious why the first song gets stuck in my head -- my first thought of the day usually involves not wanting to leave my bed. The second song is a little more obscure.

We had Bonnie's album on vinyl when in first came out in 1983. Total Eclipse of the Heart was a hit, and even though I was only 9, it spoke to me. That record shaped my young-girl version of love (and Prince's Darling Nikki clued me in on everything else). Somehow, I was already adopting "every now and then I fall apart" as my mantra. I may have been a little melodramatic. But between that song and Tears, I knew love was something that was going to make me miserable and sad, though in a good way, and hopefully with really cool hair like Bonnie. Those two songs were my favorites at the time, but because this was a record, skipping from song to song was a little harder, forcing me to discover the joys of Faster than the Speed of Night and Have You Ever Seen the Rain? Listening to my CD version of the album in my car this morning brought it all back, from dancing around my living room in Ohio and making the record skip right down to the green carpet that I used to slide across using album covers as my "skates."

I don't want to let another minute get by.

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