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Saturday, May 24    

My gendered life
As I mentioned yesterday, my dad is in town. Today is his birthday, so wish him a happy one if you see him. The sisters and I are buying him a digital camera for the auspicious occasion, so don't be surprised if there are a few "technology can bite me" blogs whilst I try to make sure the thing actually works in such a way that my dad can use it.

Since my dad has been here, we've talked about: blogging, the internet, cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, operating systems, HTML, tools and the build-it-yourself bookcase my dad bought me, the war, politics, the Sox/the Reds/the Indians and Fenway Park, and cars. It's a raging stereotype, but it's true. I forget that I don't have that many male pespectives in my life (what do you expect? I work at Wellesley), and it's always nice to hear them weigh in on things.

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Friday, May 23    

Playing hooky
I'm not at work today as I am taking a well-earned day off. Yet I still feel compelled to check in with work, make sure I'm not missing anything important. Perhaps I have been spending a little too much time at work lately.

I'm off for lunch with my dad, who is in town for the weekend. Much familial goodness this weekend -- look out. I'll either be extremely cranky or I won't be blogging. Don't miss me too much.

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Nothin' but net
Swoopes put in 27 points for the Comets as they swept past the Seattle Storm in the WNBA season opener last night. Cooper added 11 points and 7 assists, and Thompson did not play. Bird put up a strong 19 points, but could not lead her team to victory. I wish I could have seen this one; I love it when Swoopes comes on strong. She is amazing on the court, people.

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Thursday, May 22    

It's showtime, baby
Showtime is creating a new original series, The L Word. Yep, and it's about lesbians. What's beyond exciting about the news is that it features Katherine Moennig (okay, not only did I watch Young Americans, but she was my favorite part of the show. I love teen TV, okay? Leave me alone) as well as Laurel Holloman, aka Randy from The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love and a recent player on Angel.

I'm going to have to add Showtime to my cable package. Damn.

Thanks to Pam for the heads-up.

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Why would you want anyone to wait for you like a stone? This is the question that plagues me whilst listening to my new Audioslave CD. Said disk, by the by, kicks ass, despite the question which haunts me like a bad shoe.

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Inspiration in the morning
Stone sent me this, and it inspired me to create one of my own (see below, right column). I used Fireworks, but this online button maker is also good times.

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Wednesday, May 21    

The dreamlife of me
I've never been able to remember endings -- books, movies, you name it. Ask me who did it, and I won't be able to tell you. I'll be able to describe the story in pretty good detail, but my memory will taper off just before it becomes obvious what the actual ending is. It comes in handy for not spoiling things for people. However, today I couldn't remember the plot of The Dreamlife of Angels. I was pretty certain I'd seen it (and, after reading the reviews, I definitely have), but I couldn't remember anything about it. I remember it was sad in the end. That's all. This memory failure is either because the movie is French or because I'm getting old. Next movie I forget we'll know for sure what the causality is.

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Let the countdown begin
Tomorrow is opening day for the WNBA season. I can't wait to see the Liberty play the Sun, and the Comets play the Sparks (frankly, I would watch the Comets play anyone just to see the triumvirate of power in action). Vera Jones weighes in with her games to keep an eye on in the season ahead.

You thought I was going to let a blog go by without some bitterness, didn't you? Not going to happen. Why can't I watch any games on f'ing opening day? Houston plays Seattle in the season opening game. I'm dying to see upstart Sue Bird go against seasoned veterans Swoopes, Cooper, and Thompson. Will I get to see it? Will anyone get to see it who isn't in the arena? No. The first televised game is Saturday at 4 on ABC (Connecticut versus L.A.). Watch it.

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What price equality?
A group of Massachusetts teens have filed a federal lawsuit against the male-only Selective Service System. The suit argues women should be drafted, or eligible for the draft, just like men.

"U.S. District Court Judge Edward F. Harrington did not rule in the case, but asked Schwartz whether America is prepared to draft 18-year-old women. 'I tend to disbelieve at this stage, this is what the American public wants,'' he said."

This should be a question of law, fairness, equality -- not a matter for public opinion. If women are allowed into combat -- as men are, not in "limited roles" -- then we should be signing up for the draft at 18, along with our male counterparts.

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I'm not yellow, I'm chicken
The Martha mystery is solved, thanks to Adam, who found that: " 'It's a good thing' is followed by a (tm)." He then dared me to go to her site for confirmation.

I'm not afraid of Martha.

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Tuesday, May 20    

Too hot for words
It's been well documented that I get markedly crankier as the temperature rises. It's around 80 degrees here in Beantown today, and, true to form, I'm in a wonderfully pissy mood. It's really not hot enough for me to be this cranky; I'm not that much of a heat wuss. Perhaps it's because it's the first really warm day of the season? Perhaps it's because work is simultaneously winding down and winding up? Perhaps the stars are misaligned. I don't know.

Needless to say, the state of brow-furrowing general schmeggle has not enabled me to compose my thoughts on the whole Annika Sorenstam situation. I've been reading a lot of opinions (for some good reads, check here and here), but I'm ambivalent. Part of me thinks, why shouldn't she play with the boys if that's what she wants, but another part of me thinks she's hurting the cause of women's sports. Why do we have women's leagues? Because, to be brutally honest, the majority of women athletes can not successfully compete against men. We're just different physically. So my problem is really the general attitude of society that women's sports aren't as good as men's sports -- women athletes are amazing. Why do we have to compare disparate things? Perhaps it's the nature of competition.

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A good thing?
I have had a blog request from beloved roomie Jen. After watching Martha, Inc. last night, Jen was curious as to why they hadn't used Martha's catchphrase, "It's a good thing." Now both Jens are curious if this little phrase is somehow trademarked or copyrighted. However, Jen will not let me enter what she refers to as the Martha Stewart Portal, so I cannot investigate fully. Anyone who is not liable to be sucked into Martha's vortex, please let me know what you find out about this situation.

(And by the way, Cybill Shepherd was amazing as Martha. I never knew anyone could chew scenery like that.)

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Humans do it better
I have few talents in this world, but those I do possess, I possess in abundance. I kick ass at the Kevin Bacon game. No f'ing computer-generated Baconizer can beat me.

Case in point: Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind to Winona Ryder in Heathers. Computer: 13 steps. Jen Garrett: 4. Vivien Leigh (GWtW) was in A Streetcar Named Desire with Marlon Brando, who was in Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp, who was in Benny & Joon with Mary Stuart Masterson, who was in Bed of Roses with Christian Slater, who was in Heathers with Winona Ryder. (I could have just connected Johnny to Winona through Edward Scissorhands, but I needed a Heathers link.)

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Monday, May 19    

Just one calorie, not evil enough
Most of the time, I would characterize myself as mean. Or at least cranky. Or, as my boss put it so eloquently, "slightly abrasive." Which is why it always surprises me when I make someone else happy. It's a nice feeling. Not that I'm going to turn all nice on you (not possible), but every once in a while, it's good to switch things up.

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Mac love
It's okay to love your computer, just don't love your computer: The Mac that Lego built.

Link courtesy of James. Movie quote rip-off courtesy of yours truly.

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Sunday, May 18    

My I-don't-have-to-run day
The best Sundays start with phone calls that wake you up at 1 pm. Especially when they are from one of the few people in the world who make you happy to be woken up.

I think I'm going to make my maiden voyage onto the deck. Especially since I just realized if I open my window and raise the screen, I can take my computer on the deck with me and still be online. Yeah, I was going to read a book, but why would I do that when I could blog instead?

And in other happy news, Audioslave's "Cochise" is a fucking good song.

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