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Saturday, April 19    

Coach writes, "Did you ever want to write something profound but just end up with nothing to say? I feel like that 90% of the time. It makes you wonder how anyone could actually be a writer full time." I don't know how he gets that 10%, but I feel my lack of profundity keenly at all times. I'm supposed to be writing right now, actually. Hence, I'm surfing the web, reading what other people have written, searching for inspiration. Or just trying to be intimidated by how good other writers are so I can justify not writing.

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Stone was talking the other day about author blogs (a great idea), so I thought I would poke around and see what my favorite authors had on the web. It's not a blog, but Dani Shapiro has a good site, with essays and stories as well as information on her books. I'm trying to resist buying her latest, Family History, because I just bought three CDs and the plastic can only take so much, you know?

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Saturdays rock
Especially sunny ones. I had the sunroof open, sunglasses on, and the music blaring. (I was literally rocking Natick.) There is just something about listening to "Bitch" when you're driving. Saw Anger Management at my local cineplex (I'm a suburban girl at heart. I have to leave the big city when I see Adam Sandler flicks). Enjoyed it for the most part -- why I think uncontrolled rage is fun, I'll never know, but there you have it. When I'm looking for "happy" music to listen to, frequently I'll whip out the Eminem. It makes me smile, what can I say? I'm a nutcase.

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Friday, April 18    

Oh, we like the Sarfari browser. And by "we," I mean my minions and I.

Tabbed browsing is the best thing ever. The pop-up ads blocking is also pretty sweet.

If you don't have a Mac to try this out on, all I can say is, go get one.

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I like a little exploitation every now and then: Exploit Boston! The Independent Guide to What's Happening Around Metro Boston.

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I am evil
I like to surf. Who doesn't? I mean, why else would we read and write blogs if not to read other people's stuff and then write about it? But today, whilst happily surfing and ignoring the work on my desk, a site was loading ... the background was pink. I stopped the procedure before the text even appeared.

I'm not nice.

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Passover, Good Friday, Easter, and Patriot's Day. It's a big weekend here in Massachusetts. Patriot's Day weekend has always been a big one at Wellesley, as we are conveniently located at the half-way mark of the Boston Marathon. The students line up along the marathon route and scream as loud as they can for as long as they can. It's one of my favorite Wellesley traditions. I was hoarse for a week after my first marathon here. The crowd gets particularly enthusiastic for anyone with a Wellesley connection, like this dad, who's running the race in his daughter's senior year at Wellesley. And, as any runner will tell you, Wellesley is the high point of the whole thing.

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Thursday, April 17    

In Back Bay alleys, piles of promise. The Boston Globe reports on what any recent college grad could tell you: People throw away perfectly good stuff. The Globe says now is a good time to look for loot in the trash (spring cleaning), but my money is on the last two weeks in August, when everyone is moving. You'll throw away almost anything if it means you don't have to move it.

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Wednesday, April 16    

Um, no comment: The penis blog project.

via Asylum

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Finally, Jennifer Eccleston gets her own fan site.

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Remember when I took the "What kind of smile are you test" and it said I was a glare? Well, imagine my response to this: Boston hopes to make people smile in traffic.

Yes, they are proposing a Mass. license plate with a smiley face on it. People in Boston don't want to smile in traffic. We like our bitterness. We're proud of it, like our ability to withstand nine months of winter. "How can you be riding the tail of someone with a Smiley Face plate?" said Charles Ball, son of the original designer of the smiley face. "If there are enough of those plates on the road, all kidding aside, there would be a positive effect out there."

Sorry, but the first smiley-face plate I see, I'm going to ram them. Right after I smash into the "baby on board" minivan.

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Tuesday, April 15    

Looting 101: "A rule of thumb: It's shoplifting until you break into a run. Once you break into a trot, it transcends from shoplifting to looting. Plundering is an entirely different category from looting. It isn't plundering unless you're carrying a parrot on your shoulder and wearing a patch over your eye. I don't even want to talk about pillaging."

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Landlord encourages timely rent with contests. I guess that's one way to do it. If I pay my rent early, can I get a discount? That would be nice: "This month my rent is on sale! 10% off! I gotta get to the post office and send that bad boy before the sale is over." And here I thought you were just supposed to, I don't know, pay your bills.

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Monday, April 14    

Circuit Girl is back!

Who's for drinks?

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Female fighter pilots take on challenges full throttle

[Capt. Jessica] Rhyne is an F-16CJ Fighting Falcon pilot. Her job is suppression of enemy air defenses. Each time she flies a SEAD mission, she puts her life and her aircraft on the line to launch high-speed anti-radiation missiles on target. She travels to the hot spots of the world, where she relies partly on her state-of-the-art equipment and partly on her wits to survive.
Just 10 years ago, her job was not open to women. Although women have been entering pilot training since 1976, before 1993, government officials did not believe women had the "right stuff" for combat.
Rhyne always believed she did.
My dad (working at WPAFB) sent the link with the message "Go girls!!" I love my dad.

On a side note, anyone want to tell me why using blockquote tags makes my normal paragraphs go all wonky? No? Okay.

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Sunday, April 13    

Save the Shade
I'm cruising CVS today, and I am inexplicably drawn, as always, to the crayon/marker section of the store. They've got a new 100 crayon box of Crayolas, in honor of Crayola's Centennial. I support boxes of 100 crayons. I still have their first-issue box of 96 (it's a collector's item, people). While I'm contemplating purchasing a new box of 100 (my other crayons are getting old ... and there are four more colors), I see it. The notice. Crayola is retiring four colors, and they're asking people to vote for one color to save out of five possible retirees. How am I supposed to make such an important decision?

The options are burnt siena, blizzard blue, mulberry, teal blue, and magic mint. Now, first, may I say that they can go ahead and retire such trumped-up colors as "blizzard blue" and "magic mint" (or macaroni and cheese! What is that?), but you can't retire such necessary hues as mulberry, teal blue, or burnt sienna. Burnt sienna is excellent for putting highlights in brown hair, and mulburry is a vital component of the red/purple spectrum. And teal -- it's teal. You just need it.

I voted. I won't tell you which one made my cut, but rest assured I thought long and hard before voting these crayons off the color island.

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I did it: I bought a NordicTrack SL 700 exercise bike. I knew that I was going to have to invest some money to sufficiently motivate me to get off my ass and away from the computer, TV, etc. And now my muscles are all a quiver from putting the thing together (not quite as light or easy as my Sears salesman would have me believe...Jen, Pam, and I took all the parts out of the box in my driveway and took the pieces up the stairs). I may be too wiped out from assembly to actually use the thing tomorrow.

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