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Saturday, April 12    

Ahem. I understand (kinda) why I'm getting hits for Jennifer Eccleston. My name is Jennifer. But today I discover that my site comes up in the Yahoo! Search Results for high school voyeur. Just to clarify: I am neither in high school nor am I a voyeur of people who are in high school...unless watching Dawson's Creek reruns counts, in which case....

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Friday, April 11    

I have been relatively quiet about the situation in which my country has placed itself--it seems strange to call such an unequal contest a "war" but so it is. I've been hesitant to write because I haven't felt strongly enough about anything to commit an opinion to print. Michael Kinsley's piece on Slate, "Unsettled: Victory in the war is not victory in the argument about the war," poses some important questions:

What will toppling Saddam ultimately cost in dollars and in lives (American, Iraqi, others)? Will the result be a stable Iraq and a blossoming of democracy in the Middle East or something less attractive? How many young Muslims and others will be turned against the United States, and what will they do about it?

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Oh, Pacey
When I saw the MSN headline Dawson's Creek Star in Rehab, somehow I knew it was going to be Josh Jackson. However, he was drunk at a hockey game (he's Canadian! It's in his blood), and he has to participate in an "alcohol education program," which ain't the same as rehab. Love misleading headlines. Love 'em.

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Activist tells Wellesley women: Feminism is a fraud

Yes, it's true, Wellesley hosted Phyllis Schlafly earlier this week. The Milford Daily News quotes her as saying, "Feminism is not compatible with marriage and motherhood ... I feel sorry for the feminists, but they made their choice." Many women today seem afraid to call themselves a feminist, but I'm not. To paraphrase/misquote somebody, "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." And somehow, I feel the many feminists who are also mothers and wives might take umbrage at Schlafly's statement.

Sadly, I could not be at the event to debate with Schlafly, because I had to support the endeavors of the women playing their hearts out in the NCAA basketball tournament. I'm sure that Schlafly would have found them to be distinctly unfeminine, but I found them simply amazing.

Via Ms. Musings

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Thursday, April 10    

I've vowed to mention Jennifer Eccleston at least once a post from now on, but that's mainly because checking my site stats has become an obsession since I've been mistakenly picked up by the search engines. My Nedstats are way too interesting....For instance, I'm becoming huge in the UK. Canada was second for a long time, but the British invasion has been helped along by James, who has now somehow gotten Chris to visit my blog. A fellow Buffy/Angel fan, Chris has to suffer the agony of waiting for new material in England. I'm not sure I could take it. I have a hard enough time waiting from week to week. Of course, Buffy will continue a bit longer for him. I'm at T-minus 40 days until the last episode.

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Just when I think I have nothing to blog, I receive a lovely e-mail from James, with some much-needed blog appreciation. Here I was beginning to think that everyone was simply disappointed that I wasn't Jennifer Eccleston.

I should tell you that I'm writing this entire post with a English accent. I blame James.

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Wednesday, April 9    

No, I am not Jennifer Eccleston, despite being right up there on Popdex's search.

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Doin' the Dew
Yes, I drink Mountain Dew. I know this means I am either a) a boy who sits around programming all day or b) a snow-boarding, extreme-sports-loving, wild and crazy boy who sits around programming all day.

But this time, the Dew has gone too far: I get my Dewsletter today, and they are advertising my chance to get an advance taste of this:

LiveWire Dew.
I don't know what it is, but it's orange. And much like the supremely nasto Code Red Dew, I gotta say: No.

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I don't even want to talk about it
The orange type didn't work. That's all I'm going to say. I had to watch Dawson's Creek on DVD after the game. Josh Jackson always makes me feel better.

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Tuesday, April 8    

I'm not superstitious...
...except when it comes to sports. Go Lady Vols!

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Yet again, I say: Ew, ew, ew
Luckily, I haven't seen this happening on the T in Boston: Token Sucking.

from the Job Blog

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I noticed this photo essay (Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield) when I was cruising I didn't identify with any of the pictures personally--I couldn't find my girlhood there--but it shows a wide range of the influences that are shaping girls today. And I am increasingly disturbed by how sexualized girls are becominig at younger and younger ages.

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Jen says she likes this design better. I'd ask for reader feedback, but I don't take criticism well. This could take a while for me to get used to it. The red links feel very...deadly. Beware all those who link here!

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Monday, April 7    

I ain't no monument to justice!
I watched Peggy Sue Got Married with Jen tonight. Every time I see it, I remember how funny and strange and weird and wonderful Nic Cage was. Not as good as he was in Moonstruck, but that was perfection.

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...and then there were two
It was an intense night of basketball--Tennessee held on to beat Duke 66-56, and UConn barely managed to squeak past a very tough Texas team, 71-69. The UConn win nearly broke me; I really thought Texas was going to do it. I couldn't sleep after that. If I have to hear Geno say, "We have Diana and they don't," one more time, I'm going to seriously lose my shit. Here's hoping the Lady Vols show both their depth and their experience Tuesday night when they add another chapter to the Tennesse/UConn rivalry.

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Sunday, April 6    

Grr. Argh.
My normal level of crankiness goes through the roof when I hit sites like I'm innocently trying to log out of my Hotmail account, and first they have to give me a page confirming my logout (I'm not that freaking paranoid, okay?) and then they automatically redirect me to their stupid homepage which take 8,000 years to load because of all the useless crap and graphics they have on it. Same time lag happens when I try to read an MSNBC article. Look, I want some text and links, okay? Maybe a graphic--"a," as in single, one, minimal.

And it's daylight savings time again, which means I'm losing an hour. A precious hour of my weekend. See why I'm so cranky?

Okay, you're right. I'm always this cranky. Shut it.

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