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Saturday, March 8    

Dude, I'm huge in Sweden. Okay, one hit from Sweden. But still. I'm international. I'm worldwide. I'm hanging out with my family on a Saturday night.

We went to see Bringing Down the House today, mainly because, as I may have mentioned before, Queen Latifah is h-o-t, hot. However, it is my duty to report that this movie sucked. Not even worth it to see the Queen. Should have seen Chicago again instead.

I should also mention: Springfield is beat.

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Friday, March 7    

I'm going to see a NWBL Spirit game tonight. I've got to ramp up to the WNBA season.

I learned an important thing while watching One Hour Photo last night: fluorescent lighting and the Toyota Echo make you nutso. And Robin Williams has become really creepy. Okay, so that's two things.

Also, the latest edition of Movieline reveals that Scott Speedman and I have a close bond: we may be the only two people left on the planet who don't own cell phones. I always knew I was meant to be with Ben.

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Thursday, March 6    

To borrow from Ani, I am a work in progress.

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Wednesday, March 5    

I took a personality test, which was your basic, 'we-want-to-sell-you-something' deal. The first result was so off-base, I won't republish it here, but suffice it so say, they called me "a free spirit." Yeah, right.

My second attempt netted me this:
"Well, aren't you the partier? You live life on the wild side; you're always ready to go out and have a good time. Not one to let new experiences pass you by, you eat up life with a spoon. You are energetic, outgoing and direct. Your personal style falls on the swanky side of the dial. You, my friend, have just been entered to win a trip to sin city, LAS VEGAS."

This one, however, also misses the mark. Here's how it should read:
Well, aren't you a geek? You live life in front of your computer or the TV screen. You're always ready to kick back and bitch with a margarita in one hand and another margarita in the other. You are a lazy, procrastinating bum who is likely to get fired soon. But that's okay! Because that will give you more time to tweak your website design!

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I used to have a roommate that was hardly ever home, so she would occasionally call and leave me a voice-mail: "Hi, Jen. Just calling to let you know I'm not dead." I always appreciated those calls. Maybe because I was glad to hear her voice, or maybe because I'm a paranoid freak.

This morning when I arrived to work, I was greeted with "Jen! You're not dead!" Which, I had to agree, was true. Apparently, a fatal accident on the J-Way last night had my friends worried about me. It's a little silly of me, I know, but it was really nice to have people happy that I was not dead.

[On a more serious note, the Jamaicaway (J-Way) is a dangerous place to drive. An article in the Dec. 22, 2002, Boston Globe asked if it was the most dangerous roadway in Boston. I would say, yes.]

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Tuesday, March 4    

Delusions of Grandeur
Last night, I was driving home, innocently listening to Boston's best radio station, WBCN, and Tenacious D's "Tribute" comes on. It's a simple song, but therein lies its beauty. So I'm thinking, "This isn't that hard. I could do this."

But no, actually, I couldn't. This is the problem with smart, funny, talented people. They make you think you can do it, too. Much like Kaufman with Adaptation. "Dude, I can do that," you think in the theater.

No. You can't.

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Apparently, a week or so without a decent night's sleep can lead to intense head pain. Or so says my throbbing skull. Luckily, the Onion has some excellent advice: "Headache sufferers, be advised that episodes can easily be triggered by stress, improper diet, or people constantly chiming in with their useless fucking headache advice."

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Monday, March 3    

I'm becoming obsessed with my wish list at Amazon. However, one of the many, many things that suck about having a birthday right before Christmas is you don't have a reason for presents for the rest of the year. That's right: I only get presents in December. This is 80 shades of wrong.

So buy me something. Now.

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Kill or Be Killed
At last, my irrational hatred of SUVs has been shown to be (in a surprising twist): rational. The Times' Week in Review reports on a Senate Commerce Committe hearing on SUV safety in which the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers cited data that put SUVs at comparable mortality rates to passenger cars. SUV critics say you need to look at the damage that these large vehicles do to other cars. "In fact, some SUV critics contend the auto industry uses a 'kill or be killed' marketing strategy to sell these vehicles: If you don't want to be killed by an SUV, you'd better buy one yourself," Danny Hakim writes.

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Sunday, March 2    

More design tweaks. I hate the word tweaks. Almost as much as I hate "task" as a verb. And people who capitalize "spring." Who would have guessed I am an editor, eh?

Ah-ha! But I'm not Canadian. Fooled you there.

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You know what I hate? I can't sleep. Haven't been able to for a freakin' week now and it's making me a little cranky. It would be one thing if I were up drinking or being productive, but mainly I'm just laying there in a semi-awake state, semi-pissed off at the world. Watch out. If this keeps up, I'll be blogging at 3 a.m., and that can only mean one thing: limericks.

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I finally saw Chicago yesterday. I'm a sucka for the musicals. Richard Gere was okay, Renee Zellweger was better, and Catherine Zeta-Jones was the best. Actually, Queen Latifah was the best, but she had the smallest part.

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