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Thursday, January 30    

How much do I love women's basketball? There really are no words. I had a great time watching BC crush Notre Dame last night. My team really came back in the second half. Now I have to look forward to/dread the match-up against UConn. I don't know what it is about that team, but I really don't like them. Give me Tennessee and Pat Summit any day.

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Wednesday, January 29    

In honor of my little sister's graduation from Bridgewater (that's Bridgewatah to you), my dad is flying in. Which means I get the excitement and joy of trying out the new "easy" route to Logan. It's right off the Turnpike! Or so they claim. The best part of the Big Dig is the pretty new bridge. I wish I had been able to walk it before they started letting all those pesky cars cross.

Lawd, Boston you're my home.

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Friday, January 24    

I finished Desperation last night. Perhaps staying up late in the cold and the dark isn't the best time to complete a Stephen King novel. It never ceases to amaze me how, with every book of his, I end up freaked out. And I always cry a little when he kills off one of my favorite characters. This one wasn't one of his greatest, but it was worth a read. (If you're asking what his greatest are, my favorites are: The Stand, Black House, and the Dark Tower series. And if you're not asking, too bad.) I also watched Showgirls, because, hey, why not? Turns out campy fun it was not. Bad it was. Stay away. Elizabeth Berkley's hips scared me way more than King's bogeyman.

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Thursday, January 23    

A lesson in women's history, brought to you by the Bad Girl's 2003 calendar:

On this day in 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in US history offically recognized as a physician.

On this day in 1997, Madeline Korbel Albright (that's Wellesley '59 to you) was sworn in as Secretary of State, becoming the highest-ranking female official in US history.

That's right. I'm a Bad Girl. You gotta problem with that?

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Wednesday, January 22    

I had to post. I have a new nickname, courtesy of the ex: Ms. Sarcasmy Sarcastic.

I think it suites me. Don't you?

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Last night, I came home to a post card from Health magazine. I was about to throw it away (since I don't read Health, nor do I really care to) when the words "Sports Illustrated Women" caught my eye.

We regret to inform you that Sports Illustrated Women ceased publication with the December 2002 issue. The balance of your subscription is being transferred to Health, the award winning magazine that celebrates fitness and total wellness.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that "fitness and total wellness" is not why I subscribed to SI:Women. It's about sports, people. In particular, women's sports -- you know, the ones that don't get covered by Sports Illustrated because the women aren't in bikinis. I had really begun to think that women athletes were starting to make some progress -- from the WNBA to professional women's soccer, from Women's Basketball magazine to SI:Women. I wonder how much longer WB magazine will be around. For that matter, I wonder how much longer the WNBA will be around. Visit SI: Women while it still lives on the web. Where will we go now?

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Tuesday, January 21    

Back at work after a lovely three-day weekend, and all anyone can talk about is the Golden Globes. Which is just fine with me, because I am full of opinions -- as well as questions, including, what is going on with Sharon Stone? And what the hell was Lara Flynn Boyle thinking? Jennifer forgot to thank Brad (let's give this union another 3-6 months), but that may have been caused by the black gunk obscuring her vision. The Shield won big; I may actually need to check this out, although I suspect that, much like the Sopranos, it's just not for me. I wanted Six Feet Under to win, partly because I've had a crush on Peter Krause since Sports Night, and partly because it's weird, wonderful television. I was glad Tony Shaloub won for Monk, but that was the only real moment of pleasure for me. I haven't seen the Hours yet, or Chicago, or....It still irritates me how they hold the "contenders" until the 11th hour. I get behind because life gets in the way of going to the movies sometimes. Dammit.

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Friday, January 17    

I'm seriously becoming addicted. I'm thinking BloggerPro may be the way to go. I clearly need to be able to post via e-mail over the weekends....!

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I'm not reading her right now, but Julia Quinn is hilarious. I'm always on the lookout for a new one from her because romance and humor together is a good time.

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Okay, okay, I know I'm late to the revolution, but I just have to say, I love eBay. When you need a 1992 Jane Fonda step aerobics video, it is the place to go.

It makes me happy to buy things.

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Thursday, January 16    

Because Mike reminded me that I'm a feminist: Ms. Magazine Online.

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The Brits are an interesting bunch. Check out this opinion on Eminem and his rampant popularity. I'm not agreeing, but I'm always interested in explanations of why I like the misogynistic, homophobic bastard.

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A world gone crazy. Yeah. What he said.

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I think I'm becoming addicted to this. I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about ways to improve my blog. It's getting a little freaky people.

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Wednesday, January 15    

Biz is unbelievably helpful. He's leading the revolution, people. Buy his book and you'll understand.

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Okay, enough of the techno-crap. On with the interesting stuff. Sunday's New York Times featured a lovely piece on James Marsters, aka Spike (you have to sign up to check out the Times, yo). Last week's Buffy was somewhat weak, but at least it ended well.

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Now I just need to play around with the html to get this page to look like I want. This may be more difficult than I would hope. It always is. I need to learn more html. Clearly. I also need to learn about styles and how they are done correctly. I really just want to be cool, but I'm clearly not good enough to create my own design. I'm also concerned that this page looks nothing like the rest of my site. Which really matters to whom?

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Score! It worked. I have a feeling Biz will be very pleased.

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