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Friday, April 16    

The time has come
I've got to move my blog over sometime, and it's almost the deadline, so this weekend is it. If all goes well, you'll notice very little change. If all doesn't go well, there will be lots of swearing. Some of which may end up on my Twitter feed if I can't actually publish my blog anymore.

Wish me luck! (And if all goes according to plan, I'll have a new URL for y'all to update soon.)

Update: Y'all can visit me at from now on! (And please go over there and tell me if you think I should re-direct my shenanigans or leave as is?)

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Sunday, April 11    

Pretty, pretty

Going for a ride
My new bike!

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Thursday, April 8    

Oh, Wellesley women
I can't believe the notorious madam on NCIS went to Wellesley. Yes, the student loans were expensive, but I was an English major and I managed to pay them off without resorting to prostitution (not that I didn't consider it a few times, along with selling an organ or two). No way would she have escaped a single women's studies class and stayed a prostitute! Oh, well, at least she's a nice hooker (more or less). But really, Swelles is not getting the most positive portrayals, people -- although I have to admit I like the hooker way better than the annoying Mona Lisa Smile girls.

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Sunday, April 4    

Now that's what I call a trip to Powell's

So many books, so little time
And I just need the time to read them all.

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Friday, April 2    

Weekend getaway
We've jetted off for the weekend to Portland, primarily to go to Powell's, eat at Chili's, and just not be in Seattle. Tragically, the Chili's is closed. This is seriously fucking tragic, people, which means that I will have to go to Powell's every day that we're here to make up for it. I've already gone once, but I spent just under $20, which is unheard of, though if I average that for three days running, I'll just about spend my usual. To make up for the Chili's pain, I will eat at Sonic. And Voodoo Doughnuts.

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Monday, March 29    

All good things
I don't know what the hell the world is coming to -- and there will be no one to save us now that Jack Bauer will no longer grace our airwaves! Okay, so it may be time to let Jack rest. He's saved the world about as many times as Buffy, though with more fun torture scenes. (And cougars!) Dude is tired. I respect that. But I want more! My two favorite Jacks are both saying goodbye this season (even though I'm like 800 episodes behind on Lost, I know it's leaving, too). My life is getting pretty tough right now. And to top it all off, fucking Pepperidge Farm is no longer making the world's best cookie, the Mint Brussels. Bastards! Where am I to turn in this dark, cold world? Where?

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Friday, March 26    

Everything I know, I learned from TV
Not only do I really, really like Parenthood, I really like the music. Now, don't get me wrong, I already had some Josh Ritter before this week's episode, but Change of Time is a great fucking song, and I know about it because it was on the show. And now I've got even more Josh Ritter in my collection, and he is not to be confused with Jason Ritter (John's son), who it seems is going to flirt with Lorelei next week.


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Thursday, March 25    

Fried chickpeas and chickpea fries, I say!
We're contemplating "chickpea" as my new nickname. Thoughts?

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Wednesday, March 17    

Things I'm liking right now
Mass Effect. Parenthood (with Peter Krause! and Lorelei!). Life Unexpected. Paychecks. Mornings when the mountain is out (except for when it fucks up traffic). My Magic Mouse.

Things I'm not liking right now include, but are not limited to: Missing my friends. Missing my friends' babies who crawl and have personalities develop when I'm not around. Tiredness. Seattle's endless love affair with traffic for no discernible reason. Diets.

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Wednesday, March 3    

I have to admit it's getting better
Okay, so shit's getting better. One tiny bit at a time. First, with the awesome death of the pillars. Then Sunday, J.R. and I went to see Cop Out, which was pretty fucking funny. And I'm not just saying that because I have an irrational love of all things Kevin Smith (though I do, and I have the copy of Catch and Release to prove it). He didn't write this one, but you can still see his hands all over it. It's a pretty light flick, but it's a perfect popcorn movie -- lots of '80s music, funny inside jokes, an homage or two. Good times.

In addition, I recovered from the bad music vibes of last week with two excellent CDs: The XX (which I discovered with the help of the Apolo Ohno commercial and J.R.), and Raising Sand (which I didn't discover, I've just been waiting to buy it since, I don't know, forever). They are two completely different discs, but I love them both, and they make my commute marginally better, except for the part where the giant truck tries to shave off some of my already fucking small vehicle. Then I have to listen to something loud and angry and gesticulate wildly.

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