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welcome to gracie's little zone alarm help site!

setting up zone alarm
upgrading zone alarm
installing pro over free
deleting database files
understand z.a. logs
gracie's security pages
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recently, i've been on a mission to turn my 'newbie' friends on to the importance of security on today's internet. one part of that has been to recommend that they install a personal firewall like zone alarm from zone labs. this of course led to lots of questions about installing, setting up, upgrading, and understanding this robust piece of software. and so....this little site. remember, please: i'm not affiliated with zone labs, in no way speak for them, and my suggestions might not even mesh with theirs. these are just some things that work for me, presented in a way i hope is relatively easy to digest. of course, zone labs own site, is the definitive guide and reference where you can learn more about the programs, download them, read help files, get support, etc. that said, this is what's here for you:
setting up zone alarm: you've installed it, but are a little intimidated by all the customization choices. here are some suggestions to get you started; while geared towards za pro, most apply to za free as well.
upgrading zone alarm: zone labs comes out with regular updates, but you can get into trouble upgrading if you don't do it right. here's how.
installing pro over free: ready to move from ZAF to ZAP? here's some suggestions to make the transition as successful as possible.
deleting database files: weird problems? corrupted database files can cause za to go bonkers. here's what you need to know about starting fresh.
understand z.a. logs: how to read those cryptic entries that log 'hit' attempts.
and don't forget to check out
gracie's security pages: everyone should be following these basic, general security tips that go beyond zone alarm to deal with other 'safe hex' issues!

"thanx bob h. & fred langa who got me started, & marcus of zonelabs for help above & beyond."
© 2001 All Rights Reserved.
© 2001 All Rights Reserved.