An X Files Slash Fan Fiction Series

If you enjoy the works you find on these pages, please drop a line of thanks to the excellent Slashing Mulder site. It never would have come about if not for Jo, and her wonderful site, and the First Anniversary Contest. Having been pointed toward the site on the 'slashmulder' egroup, I ran across the contest. I had written very little Mulder slash at that time, but thought, "Hey, why not? It might be fun.'

Little did I know that I was about to unleash a veritable stampede of plot bunnies.

The section I chose to enter was 'Weather'. Some form of weather had to play a prominent part in the story. I ran through the types of weather in my mind, seeing that snow and rain had already been used by other contestants. I came up with 'fog'. "Good atmosphere," I thought. "Now, what about fog?" The poem 'Little Cat Feet', by Carl Sandburg, sprank immediately to mind. The result was my first entry, 'Little Cat Feet'. And that was all I planned to do...

...till I ran into 'Wanting Is--What?', by Robert Browing.

The flood gates were opened. Here are the results so far. In the future, the stories will not necessarily be so weather centric, but a poem will figure prominently in each one.

7/8/03--All My World. When is freedom not freedom?

Why these two? I'll paraphrase Alex Krycek in several of my stories...

"What can I say? They just do it for me."

This lovely congratualations banner created by Patt, and from my friends at My Mongoose Ezine.  Thanks, girls

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