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Hee hee! I am (literally) giddy with happiness! My beautiful colorful taskbar is working, my music sounds like the clearest thing in the world, and I have had over 1000 visitors since my opening in April! My Author Focus article is finally done, too. Look there to learn about Ann Rinaldi. :) Future plans: new reviews, new music. Please enjoy all the new features.*****Do you have an idea? Something I could change on my site? A new section? Maybe a good book? Then email me and you might see it happen! Start thinking! Then email me!***** -Mal

I would just like to share my feelings toward the terrible American tragedy that happened. I would like to share my sorrow about all the people who died in the attack, and anyone who knew these people well. I hope we'll all be praying for the victims tonight. I know I will be...

THE NEW AND THE UPDATED: Oh, everything's new these days!!! lol