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Instant Human...Just Add Coffee!

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How the hell did you find this??? Well, since you're here, welcome to my world...where lava lamps and incense and happy wooden flowers are a common household item! You will see nearly every passion in my life, from concerts to tattoos to random shiny objects...enjoy!

Things with Stuff

Info About Me Learn stuff about me =)

My LiveJournal

My MySpace I got with the times and created a MySpace profile! =O

I Love the 80's! A look into the era in which I grew up...Good times, good times!

Wicca & Druidry a look into my spirituality and philosophy...what I make an effort to carry with me throughout each day

World of Tattoo Fun tattooey goodness!!!

Life just deal! a humorous yet touching email that was sent to me by my cousin, Butts (yep, I said Butts =)

Stupidity at it's Finest!! Just what the title says. Come, let your mind be boggled!

Links the page, not the sausages!

This page was created in 1995 (out of boredom in a High School computer class)!!, and was last updated on April 16th, 2003.

"It's Friday night, got visions in my head,
But nothing's on my mind, so let the music play..."

Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me =)


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