i get all my herbal supplies and oils from wind sprites realm


moon water spell - put out a bowl of water from moonrise till dawn, or atleast for a while. annoint the forhead for increased psychic awareness. bottle for use later. can cleanse/charge stones and crystals with it also.


recipes for bath salts


my personal recipe-

2 cup epsoms salts

1 dram essential oil



black rose bath salts

2 cups epsom salt

1/2 dram of black rose oil (windsprites carries)

rose petals

mix all components together in a zip bag. then put in a bottle or whatever you choose to store it in.


rose bath salts

2 cups epsom salt

1/2 dram rose oil

rose petals

rose hips

mix as usual


healing bath salts.

2 cups epsom salt
1 dram healing oil (wind sprites realm)
juniper berries (all herbs can be got for cheap at wind sprites realm)

mix as usual


green woman bath salts

2 cups epsom salt

1 dram greenwoman oil

rose petals

rose hips

jasmine flowers



juniper berries

mix all together as usual


lavender bath salts

2 cups epsom salts

1 dram lavender oil

lavender flowers



align with your element ritual

elemental bath salts
elemental oil
elemental powder
optional: jewelry associated with element

(all can be purchased on at windsprites realm)

take a bath with the elemental bath salts. mediated on your element while soaking.

when you get out, sit in a cleansed space (ritually cleansed in whatever way you normally do) and sprinkle the elemental powder around yourself in a cicle clockwise. then annoint your wrists (or somewhere you wish) with the elemental oil. visualise yourself becoming one with your element. then if you have it put on a piece of jewelry associated with your element.


choosing your magickal name

the best way i have found to start is to make a list of nature images and animals that you identify with. i suggest picking/combinding atleast 4 images to make it more unique. most people choose 2-3 and many of those names are very common. the more images combined the less likely that anyone else with have the same name as you. also if you identify with any gods or goddesses you can add them to your name. i started by choosing mooncat. moon being my favorite celesital body, and cat being my totem animal.then i added water, my element. which is also particularly unique because you never hear water in a wiccan name very often, mostly fire and earth are used. water is my element and i wanted to include it. then i added blackrose because its the color and flower that i most identify with myself, and my femininity. and then in strung them together in the best way i though it sounded and i came up with blackrose water mooncat.

choosing a name is often very hard and it took me a long time before i came to this. i started out with one name i kept a long time, which was pretty common- moonshadow, but they i felt it didnt represent me the best. then i went to mooncat. but it seemed also too common and too short and not quite me. but i really found that a longer name suited me better and was far more creative, and involved a much more creative process in choosing one.