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Ravyn's Nest

Below you'll find the links to all the new places on the NEW Akhetaten's Gates, which has been renamed the Ravyn's Nest. I think that about says it all.

If this sounds familiar, yes, I'm the same Ravyn that created Karasu's Nest and the links are provided here.

Be forwarned that I do not accept fanwork from others for this site. I had too much stuff on my hard drive and this lets me share as well as clean up some space.

On this site, you'll run into some questionable things, I'm sure, such as Yaoi, Shounen-Ai {male/male}, even some comical pictures of characters in comprimising positions. I do try to keep everything questionable rated so. So, if you view it and don't like's your own fault.

Now to nicer words. I tried to keep everything organized and if there's broken stuff...I'll try to fix it.

The mailing lists below are ones I own, with the exception of Beyond Evo which was left to the players by the real owner. I'll eventually get another spot up for the other groups I'm in.

Fanwork stuff is pretty self-explanatory. I have tried organizing everything by series so it's easy to find. Things I only have a little bit of...ends up in the Misc. Section. You can't miss it, trust me.

The mini shrines! They are basic pages but something I wanted to do. So, don't expect super flashy Java stuff. It's your everyday bio page. But I like them.

The essays are basically just that. I worked to hard on them to throw them away. Which takes us next to the Support/Extra section. Under I Support there is a collection of banners and icon links to other sites that I support. Under that is, of course, links that do not have banners.

I myself have banners. Would you like to link to me? Go ahead and choose one of my banners and link to the main page here. The URL is in the taskbar. Also, let me see your site. And I'll put it in one of the link pages.

I also have little things here and there for kicks. I was playing on Quizilla, a website of internet quizzes and made a page full of my results. Also, I have a page dedicated to my collection of Bishounen and Bishoujo. Also there are the little things I've adopted or aquired.

Have fun! ^-^

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