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Pseudo History

Pseudocipher was founded n 1997 by Christopher Anton and Rhonda Amber under the name "Cipher". Anton and Amber were soon joined by Wyman Gentry on guitar. The group frequently played local Orange County venues (i.e. Koo's, The Lab).

In 1998, the group was disappointed to learn of the existence of other bands calling themselves "Cipher." After the revelation that they were not the only Cipher , the group added "Pseudo" to the existing "Cipher." making Pseudocipher an exclusive trade mark. Pseudocipher's literal translation is "fake nothing."

The summer of 1998, a private investor took interest in Pseudocipher and financially backed their debut CD. The self-titled LP was recorded/produced/engineered by Pseudocipher with the help of Ryan Harrison. Harrison is the founder/owner of Rhythmsick Records, based out of Huntington Beach. The debut was released independently and was well received on the college radio circuit throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Spain.

In the winter of 1999, Wyman Gentry left Pseudocipher in pursuit of a solo career. As a duo, Pseudocipher remained active in the O.C. and L.A. club scene playing benefits and showcases with bands like Spahn Ranch, Anything Box, and Faith and Disease.

In 2000, Pseudocipher produced their sophomore release; "Fragments of Empathy, Part I" which was (again) well received on college radio and now on The single "Frozen" peaked at number 6 on the Goth. charts. Pseudocipher was invited to join "The Hidden Sanctuary" an elite online radio and promotional vehicle run by journalist, Michael Ventarola. It was through The Hidden Sanctuary that drummer Jon Siren was introduced to Anton and Amber. Siren, having similar musical interests joined Pseudocipher.

In late 2001, Pseudocipher was invited to open for Berlin at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. For this event, Wyman Gentry returned on guitar, making Pseudocipher a four-piece. The band was emphatically embraced by Berlin fans. Coach House management urged them to play again at the Galaxy Theater as an opening act for Daniel Ash in 2002. Pseudocipher recruited keyboardist, Natasha Cox, bassist Brad Darnell, and guitarist, Chris Fernandez for this event. Cox and Darnell became permanent members of Pseudocipher.

In May, 2002,. Pseudocipher caught the attention of "The French Brothers" a production team based out of Burbank, CA. After attending several live shows and rehearsals, The French Brothers asked Pseudocipher to sign a Production Deal. Pseudocipher is currently working on Fragments of Empathy Complete.