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Pseudocipher consists of the following members: Christopher Anton, Rhonda Amber, Natasha, Jon Siren, and Brad Darnell.

Christopher Anton - Vocals/Programming
Christopher Anton began playing bass and programing synthesizers at age 16. Influenced by both Post Punk, and mutant pop electronic styles he founded and fronted the synth oriented dark pop band Blue Accent. Blue Accent disbanded in the mid nineties, soon after Anton met Rhonda Amber. Having similar musical interests and goals, Anton and Amber began writing and playing clubs in Orange County and Los Angeles as Cipher in 1997 and finally Pseudocipher in 1998. Anton continues as singer/writer/programmer for Pseudocipher.

Rhonda Amber - Vocals
Rhonda began singing with her family at the age of five, where they covered top 40 songs and performed for churches, fairs, and amusement parks across the U.S. The most memorable experiences during this decade would be singing back-up for the Jackson Five album; "Can You Feel It," doing voice overs for films like "Poltergueist" and Disney's, "Amy," and appearing on "The Gong Show." She started writing as a teenager influenced by Peter Gabriel (& early Genesis), Kate Bush, and Renaissance, she joined the alternative band, "The Gathering." Later she formed, "Soaking Wet Juliet." Rhonda met Christopher at a club in Sunset Beach where they discovered their mutual obsession with playing music. The duo started Cipher which evolved into Pseudocipher.

Natasha - Vocals/Keys/Guitar
Natasha''s musical career began when she began taking classical piano lessons at the age of 2. She spent the early part of her life devoted to learning classical music and eventually started branching out into different genres once she reached high school. By this time she developed a love for a wide variety of music including jazz, industrial, synth pop, and funk. Natasha finished her studies at Musician''s Institute where she met Jon and Brad. After enjoying her first Pseudocipher show, Jon introduced her to Chris and Rhonda. A friendship quickly developed and shortly thereafter Natasha would go on to become the keyboardist and eventually guitarist for the group.Natasha is also currently working as a keyboardist/programmer with "Lotus Reign," a band also based in Los Angeles, as well as a collaboration project with Jon.

Jon Siren - Drums
Jon Siren has been a music fanatic for a long time. Growing up with a steady diet of metal, industrial, jazz, and punk, Jon''s eclectic taste in music has brought him into many diverse musical situations. Pseudocipher was the first band that Jon joined when moving out to Hollywood from Columbus, Ohio. Before moving out here he had a project with Kristy from "The Azoic," and Steve from "The Wake," that fell apart when the other members of the band moved away from Columbus. At this point the band dissolved. Upon moving out to California, Kristy sent out emails and posts, letting Los Angeles know that Jon was moving out to California and that he was looking for people to work with. This is where he met Pseudocipher, and began playing drums for the group. Since moving out to California, Jon has played drums in the band, "Flesh For Eve," and is currently working with the techno/punk band "Hate Department," as drummer/keyboardist background vocalist. Jon is also collaborating with Natasha, Pseudocipher's keyboardist, on a project that is in its production stages right now. Jon's previous bands include: Medium, Inept, and Flesh for Eve.

Brad Darnell - Bass
Brad is a graduate of Musician's Institute in Hollywood, California, where he met and played in a jazz band with Jon and Natasha. Upon seeing Pseudocipher live in November, 2001, Brad fell in love with their band of electronic music. Brad was extremely excited and honored to get the gig as Pseudocipher's first bass player and played his first show with the band on March 1, 2002 at The Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California. New Order, Joy Electric, Big Wrech, ATB, Deliverance, and Tourntquet are among the many bands that have influenced him.