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Midsummer or Summer Solstice, celebrated on June 21 by Wiccans and Pagans

Midsummer or Summer Solstice

Around June 21

The Summer Solstice, the longest day, is a time of triumph for the light. This holiday represents the Sun King in all his glory. In many Wiccan celebrations, this is when the Oak King, who represents the waxing year, is triumphed over by the Holly King, who represents the waning year. The two are one: the Oak King is the growing youth while the Holly King is the mature man. Healings and love magick are especially suitable at this time. Midsummer Night's Eve is supposed to be a good time to commune with field and forest sprites and faeries.

  • Herbs for Midsummer are vervain, chamomile, rose, lavender, daisy, carnation and lily.

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