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License to Kill

Choice: the right or opportunity to choose.

We make choices every day of our lives. We chose what to eat, what to watch on television or listen to on the radio, how to drive, how to behave, etc. Thanks to Roe vs. Wade it was made my choice to murder. What a wonderful society we live in.

I am a feminist. I am all for women’s rights, the destruction of the glass ceiling, and equality in the home among other things. However, I do not support the right to have an abortion. I do not care how unpopular this makes me to other people. Some say that to abolish abortion would be to take away the right a woman has to do with her own body. You have the right to dye your hair. You have the right to wear what you want. You have the right to pierce it, tattoo it, mutilate it or whatever else you can think of. You should not have the right to kill unborn children.

I find it ironic that the same people who are pro-choice are pro-death penalty. George Carlin once said that it seems that people do not want to perform abortions are proponents of the death penalty. It is as if the moment you are out of the womb you are on your own. I agree with him but not for the reason he wanted me to. You live your life, you fuck it up, you go to jail and you are slated to die for the torment you have caused others. Good. You have made your decisions, right or wrong, and you have to pay for them with your life. An unborn child does not get to make the decision as to whether it lives or dies. A fetus is at the mercy of a selfish woman (and I’m only speaking to the women that were not raped, molested or will die if she carries the child to term, so don’t get all huffy) who did not think enough of herself or her life and the lives of others to take the time to use birth control. You want to be in charge of your body? Take a birth control pill, get an IUD, pop in a diaphragm or get your partner to wear a condom. That is real responsibility of choice: choosing not to fuck up your life and the life of someone who did not ask to be born that way.

People somehow see it as a religious issue. “God should not be in my bedroom!” Well, common sense should be at least on the nightstand in a sanitary pouch waiting to be opened and placed on your partner. It really should not be a religious issue. For the most part, it is a moral issue. Is the murder of an unborn child wrong? YES! Would you think of killing a five-year-old because you could not handle the strain of raising it? Besides the Susan Smith’s of the world, the answer is a resounding “no”. A fetus is just a child who has not matured. Period. It is not a disposable commodity, an inconvenient clump of cells that is here for the sole purpose of making your life miserable.

For women like myself, abortion makes us angry. I am unable to bear my own children and the thought of a woman who has been given the gift of a baby only to toss it down the toilet infuriates me. I would give anything to be pregnant and some women are treating it like the Black Death. When did we get so jaded that a human life is not important? When did something as precious as a child become something to be discarded like trash?

We have a myriad of choices when it comes to our bodies and our pregnancies. Use birth control, adoption (and yes, many people have come out of being placed in adoption to live productive, happy lives) and perhaps making a life with the child you created. I have a good friend who got pregnant our senior year of high school. She managed to graduate, go to college and raise her child by herself. Her beautiful daughter is now six-years-old and my friend would not trade her for the world. That is not to say that all women are capable of caring for the children they create. Most women who are pro-choice only think about themselves. It is all about their lives and their choices, forgetting entirely that there is now another human in the equation that cannot make it’s own decisions.

If you think that having a child would be too great a strain for you, should you even be having sex? I do not believe a lot of people should be having sex because they are not responsible enough to own up to the potential consequences. It is not hard to use birth control. Perhaps if more people would exercise the choice to protect their body instead of the choice to expel a life from it, we would not be having this discussion.

Long rant short: Abortion is nothing more than the legalized “choice” to murder a child who is at the mercy of a woman who did not care enough about herself to take steps to prevent pregnancy. I say we let the child live and sterilize the mother. You do not want a child badly enough to kill it? Fine. Hop up on the table and let us take care of those pesky fallopian tubes. Then the only choice you’ll have to make is how to screw up your own life not the live of your unborn child.