Welcome to my Final Fantasy 10 site!!!  Wee bit diff banner aye?  :) I like it.  I thank Final Fantasy Odyssey for letting me have this one as well (and the neat background!).  Most people have comeplained that they like the old form more...well...here it is.  Out of the boredness of my heart, I try to resurect what used to have been.  I'm sorry, but...*sigh* I have no frames.  I wanted them dearly, but after being brought to the light, I've finally realized that they suck to keep up with.

                But as most of you know, or should well know, this website is famous for 2 things.  One, being hacked and ruined when it used to be the best website, and two, having the first Walkthrough ever for this game.  I take pride in this walkthough, it took me a whole month to type it all up.  If you dare suggest you were the first one to have a walkthrough, I will hunt you down and destroy you and your whole little clan.

So where would you like to go?

 Episode 1 of the NEW ones
 Episode 2
A Big Thanks To...
*GASP!* A Message Board!!!

May 7, 2002 - There!!! I finally remembered to make a message board!!! GO ME!

April 21, 2002 - Well, the old layout is gone.  I think alotta people were starting to get tired of it, and so was I.  Now you get to say hello to a new website practically :)  This website is not gunna be about FF10 that much now...More other stuff is gunna be here soon.  Like...Zelda, Anime, and just certain things like that, ya know?

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