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Hey, I'm Trista.
POEMS... scars, pain, misery, death, suicide, rape, murder, cut, mutilation, control, family, used, scared, hopeless, lost, unknown, hidden, fragile, hurt, cold, hate, steal, pride, ugly, blood, missing, suffer, hell, revenge, escape, ruined, broken, lies, lust, fraud, fakes, devil, bad, bruise, unloved, unwanted, unneeded, weak, starve, pale, attention, search, thrive, aggresion, strain, void, lonely, different, evil, surrender, dirty, abnormal, crucify, sorrow, greif, greed, unfaithful, useless, salvation, fear, distructive, confess, troubled, rage, issues, tears, damage, danger, insecure, sacrifice, mortal, trap, cage, unreal, invade, torture, plead, ache, crewl, force, rumor, chaos, pity, mourn, silence... WORDS. They mean nothing, yet they are everything to me, i guess that makes me nothing too.

soo... do ya like my lil crappy web page?
yes'um i likes yer lil web page :)
screw you, your web page is LAME!!

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