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Gloria Vituious Umbra (Glory in the Shadow of Virtue), a Challenge
Letters in search of a consort
Greetings Most Gracious Lady:
I, Lord Kaun Steinrųšarson, come before you on bent knee, displaying my greatest humility. I beg the knowledge of your intended travels during the first quarter moon in the month of April, in the year A.S. XLIII of our Great Kingdom of Calontir.
I would be honored beyond words if your journeys include the Rites of Spring event here in our distinguished shire of Bois d' Arc, and, within your great compassion, you would stand as my consort for the Glori Vituious Umbra challenge.
On this day I shall prove to you that none better exist throughout these lands than myself to give example of the inspiration of your essence. With my service to you I will extol even your smallest virtues, do my best to fulfill all of your requests, and bask in the humility of standing with a Lady who's beauty far outshines any I have yet beheld.
I humbly await your reply,
In The Service Of Honor,
Amor vincit omnia,
Lord Kaun Steinrųšarson

My Dear Lord Kaun:
Your words have humbled and delighted me, for I will indeed be traveling to your distinguished Shire of Bois d' Arc during the first quarter moon of April; for this event is most dear to my heart and soul. I would not miss it for all the roses on the earth.
I am most honored that you would ask for my presence in this most chivalric of challenges and with humble gratitude, I accept your offer of consort. On this most wonderful of days I will do my best to uphold the beauty, humility, and compassion that all Ladies should hold dear, and that you have been most keen to notice in this Lady.
Let us be an inspiration to each other, as well as to those around us, in our respect and courtesy to each other.
Ever in Service to the Dream,
Lady Eowyth ža Sišend

Greetings Most Wondrous Lady:
My heart is filled with pride and joy to hear your decision to be my consort on the day of the challenge.
I will, with all the grace I can muster, present myself to you on the day of the challenge. With only the exceptions of my responsibilities to the challenge and the event, I will be at your disposal as you should desire. Although I am content to merely have your beauty shine upon me like a golden sun, I do understand that you may ask of me things that may require plans to be laid out in advance. Please let me know of anything you may desire that may require me to dress in a certain way, or anything that I may provide for your ease throughout the day.
I remain, gazing upon your immaculate visage,
Lord Kaun Steinrųšarson

Good Day My Dear Lord,
It was with pride and joy that I accepted your offer. I hope that we may inspire others to greatness, even as we inspire each other and ourselves. As you know, I am a skilled equestrian and will be competing in the Tournament being held that day. I may also try my hand at archery, as I have developed a fondness for the bow. However, I will not only be competing in the equestrian activities, but will also be helping in the marshaling of them. My first priority (even above my own self) is that of the care of my steed. As such, if you wish to check on my most noble of steeds, Kacey of the Leo's Pride, throughout the day, I would be most grateful.
I am not sure how long I will be called away from his side, nor if there will be a place near the tourney field to keep and watch over him. Apart from this, I can think of no other tasks for you to attend for me (accept perhaps, water throughout the day?).
I do tend to think of others and my horse before mine own health at events such as this.) Again, I humbly thank you for your offer and hope that we may, together, encourage others to care for each other in the most chivalric of ways. And not only on this most special of days, but on every day. Until we meet on the glorious 3rd of April,
Lady Eowyth ža Sišend
Entrant's Letters:
To the eloquent Lord Kaun Steinrųšarson, I send greetings.
I write to inform you that I intend to joyfully take up your challenge of virtue, honor, chivalry, and Love. I shall win great glory to lay at the feet of my consort, for surely the inspiration of his smile will enable me to prevail over those who have not the benefit of the regard of he who is the kindest and most worthy of nobles.
My name is Lady Ingeborg bildsbriotr Ulfsdottir, Companion of the Golden Calon Swan. (ING-guh-borg BEELDS-bree-oat ULFS-daughter)
The name of my gracious consort is Master Owain ap Bleddynellwyd, Companion of the Pelican, Companion of the Cross of Calontir, Companion of the Torse, Fyrdman of the Boga-Fyrd, honored with a Queen's Endorsement of Distinction. (oh-WANE ap BLETH-en-eel-wed)
Lord Kaun, I look forward to battling you on the field of love and honor. May the most virtuous gentle, and the best soldier in Love's army, win the day.

Unto Lord Kaun Steinrųšarson come greetings and wishes of health from Sir Otas the Fool
I write thee to accept thy challenge in the Gloria Vituious Umbra. I am humbled to tell you her Ladyship Ise no Kusunoki Kametsuru has graciously agreed to allow this fool to worship her from afar as his Consort. I am but a simple tongue tied fool who rides a mule. But I know my choice of Consort will inflame my heart to burn bright and make my mule and this fool soar to heights you will be hard pressed to match in word and deed. I look forward to gifting that piece of Amethyst to my fair Consort’s treasury. I am also confident in my Consort’s ability to inspire me and would add to your generous prize for the competition. From my own treasury I will be bringing a set of 6 examples of the fine glass arts in the form of small drinking glasses which depict mounted Knights hunting Lions. This I offer to be added to your prize for the winner of the Gloria Vituious Umbra Competition or to be given into the care of the Ladies of the Panel who may award them to an equestrian contestant of the day as they see fit.
In Service to My Lady, My Honor and My Kingdom, Sir Otas the Fool

Challenge brief: The object of the challenge is to emphasize and encourage the use and display of chivalric virtues based on Duties to Countrymen, and will be open to any who wish to apply for entry.
The Duties to Countrymen would consist of virtues such as mercy, courage, valor, fairness, protection of the innocent, the weak and the poor, acknowledgment and service to feudal rank, being the champion of good against evil, being generous, displaying courtly love; in which a entrant's chief duty is to his own lady, and after her, all ladies, and of course, honor, which is the foundation and guiding principle of chivalry.
All five pillars that make up our world will have equal consideration. These include Equestrian, Combat, Archery, Arts and Sciences of craft, and Service, although participation in any one, or all, of the five is not a requirement.
The challenge will be judged by a selected Panel of Ladies whose identities shall remain unknown until the final two rounds of the challenge. All the populace of our fine Society will be strongly encouraged to attend and support the contestants during the final two rounds.
The goal of the challenge is to select one individual from among the general populace of the day who exhibits an exemplary understanding and display of: honor, compassion, and courtly love, among others.
The challenge consists of entrants participating in the event's activities just as they would any other event, followed in the afternoon (before closing court or feast) by two rounds to be held for the inspiration of the populace. Public location to be announced earlier in the day.
The first public round will be recital of a song, poem, or other romantic notion of the entrants to their chosen consort and will last approximately 3 minutes each.
The second and final public round will be an impromptu show of adoration to one or more of the Ladies of the Panel and will last approximately 3 minutes each.
Challenge outline:
1. Throughout the day all entrants should join in any of the day's event activities they wish to.
2. In the afternoon all entrants will give recitation to their chosen consorts.
3. Followed by an impromptu courtly display of romanticism to the Ladies of the Panel.
4. The Ladies of the Panel will adjourn and select a victor and any they wish to mention.
5. Award will be made.
Applicants Duties: Applicants should make known their intent to participate in the challenge by communicating with the challenge Coordinator electronically, e-mail here, at least two days before the event, or by filling out the application form at troll. Necessary information would include, but not be limited to, applicant and consort's current court title, full and correct name spelling, and phonetic pronunciation. Entry for the challenge will close by no later than 10:30 a.m. the day of the challenge, or when the first 10 to 15 applicants have been received. Applicant and consort's age, sex, race, or sexual orientation will have no bearing on participation in the challenge.
Entrants should have a consort for the recital round of the challenge and have selected and memorized a song, poem, or other romantic notion of an existing work known in Europe before the year 1600, Alternatively, entrant may submit and recite a personally composed work of a style known in Europe before the year 1600. Presentation of either piece will last no longer than 3 minutes. Entrant will provide a copy of the selection to the challenge Coordinator no later than 10:30 a.m. the day of the challenge. If no consort is available the entrant will recite to one or more of the Ladies of the Panel.
As a mark of their participation in the challenge, the entrant will wear a numbered baldric (provided by the challenge Coordinator) throughout the day, so that the Ladies of the Panel will know the entrants by sight. These baldrics serve as an indicator to the populace that the bearers are striving to be the best in honor, compassion, and service that they can be. (Baldrics to be returned to the challenge Coordinator by close of the last round of the challenge.)
Challenge Coordinator Duties:
The Coordinator will always serve the Crown should They wish to be involved, and work closely with the Event Steward, should the Coordinator not be the same person.
The Coordinator will personally select a Panel of learned Ladies and request that they judge for the challenge. (There should be from 3 to 5 Ladies, with at least two for counsel or backup, ideally having enough life experience to be well rounded in their perceptions.) These Lady's identities shall not be known to the populace until the last two rounds of the challenge (which are open to all to view and enjoy).
The Coordinator will personally choose and provide a Consultant to the Panel of Ladies. The Consultant will have proven knowledge and ability to discretely discover the court titles and proper name/spelling of any others the Ladies may so choose to recognize in addition. The Consultant will also have ability to run errands or deliver messages with appropriate grace as meets the needs of the Panel. If a Consultant is used by the ladies before the final two rounds, this identity should remain anonymous as well. The Coordinator will accept applications for entry to the challenge from any persons desiring to participate. The number of applicants accepted will be at the Coordinators discretion. However, to increase interest in the challenge no less than 7 applicants should be accepted without postponing or canceling the challenge. Also, to complete the challenge within the time constraints of an average event no more than the first 15 applicants should be accepted. The Coordinator will gather a list of official entrants with proper court title, full name (preferably including a phonetic pronunciation) to provide to the Consultant for reference by the Panel of Ladies and for court prep. (Consultant may assist Coordinator in gathering such data.) The Coordinator will provide the entrants with numbered baldrics at the beginning of the day’s challenge for obvious identification of their intent to the populace, and collect them again after conclusion of the last round. (Coordinator to notate entrants number/name on the Entry List.) The Coordinator will arrange for a public place and make it ready for the last two rounds of the challenge. It should be suitable to the comfort needs of the entrant, their consort and the gathered Panel (including but not limited to possible protection from sun and rain, seating for the Panel Ladies, water to sustain entrants, Panel and populace during the round, etc.), as well as a private place where the Ladies of the Panel may adjourn to discuss the entrants and select a victor. Coordinator will plan with Event Steward for alternative locations in case of inclement weather as with any other element of the event.
The Coordinator will consult with the Crown (if in attendance at the event) or Their representative (such as Chamberlain) to ascertain Their wishes on when evening court (if any) might take place to ensure and assist in planning enough time before court or feast to complete the last two rounds of the challenge and the judging by the Panel of Ladies. Coordinator will provide notice of starting time to all populace through announcement later in the day. The Coordinator will also make the winning presentation, unless the Ladies of the Panel select one of their own to do so.
Panel of Ladies Duties:
Throughout the day the Ladies of the Panel will make observations and notes about persons in every field, but should a particular task of exemplary nature of any individual be witnessed by any of the Panel of Ladies, that person can be recognized along with the entrants in the challenge at the final presentation of recognition. Such individuals are not eligible for the challenge prize but the Ladies are encouraged to give any personal tokens and verbal recognitions they deem fit.
The Panel will allow equal consideration to all five pillars, and will use Duties to Countrymen (as detailed above) for the basis to judge entrants as well as any other exemplars they decide should receive recognition. After the last round, the Ladies of the Panel will adjourn from their gallery to a private area (provided by the Coordinator) to discuss the official entrants and select one victor by simple majority vote, who most impressed them (basic ‘wow factor’) along with any notable efforts from anyone throughout the day. The results will be given to the challenge Coordinator, or a chosen individual from the Panel representing the majority, and the victor will be announced during closing court or feast and presented with a prize provided by the Coordinator. At that time, the Ladies may also want to present personal tokens and/or verbal acknowledgments for any other notable recognition.
Consultant to Ladies Duties:
The Consultant will act as assistant to the Panel of Ladies to the utmost of their ability and talents having at the ready a list of official entrants with proper court title and name at hand (having assisted the Coordinator in gathering such information) and appropriately discover the court titles and proper name/spelling of any others the Ladies may so choose to recognize in addition to the official entrants.
The Consultant will also assist and act as the voice of the any of the Ladies (with appropriate decorum) to the populace, entrants or their consorts should they so need.
The Consultant may assist the Coordinator in final gathering of any other data for recognition as needed to prepare for court/final presentations and will, should it be needed, again serve the Ladies during that time.