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New Rant Column :)

Thursday 10 August 2006

The current mood of at

Hey blog! YAY! Ok, I liked Nelly Furtardo's old stuff, she complains it never went #1, as soon as she sings about sex, BAM! Number 1 for 7 weeks straight in America and hits Gold here. What the hell does that say about our society?

I really liked "I'm like a bird" and the magical imagery and now its all like "yo.. Loose, promiscuious..." like.. wtf mate....


Sat 17 9 2005

Well.. those eggs are a load of shit, it's the 9th and they haven't hatched...

Anyways, this I post from Sloganizer to Ziddy -
generated by

Very SQ :D
[Keep refreshing every 30 seconds ~___^ O=) ]

Sat 17 September

This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today! This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today! This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today! This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today! This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

YESSS! Long time no rant here on the humble website! I know it's strange especially since I've just been ranting on my blog but I came here to stick up two lots of negatives I took at school on film, I don't have the proper photos to scan and load and the MSNSpace will shrink the image.. so here we go in the spirit of Graduation this week and the influx of photos....


Me n Strato (Just 'cause I'm really proud that he actually agreed to the pic, Maria took it well.. and I look half decent ;D)
And of course a short AVI of Strato - the whiney bitch ;) (me {and I think Ferdose speaks} calling him a whiney bitch.. he's so cute and innocent but evil on the inside LMAO)

~Out :)


Hey ho, people long time no bitching!

That's due to the fact I've been bitching on my MSN Space instead because it's easier to update than this XD (I put the camp pics up there too)

Well yes I am 17, thank you for remembering :) and I had a BBQ ..heh... I had atleast 4 people coming.. 2 turned up.. thanks for that ..totally! Atleast I had my squishy who wouldn't miss it for the world, and was watching me and my mum trying to make potato bake and salad *me almost slices self more than once* heh :P

When will LP release a new album... darnit...

Hmmm... I have my trials after these holidays.. x.X bad me... I some how am; first in art again :O 5th in Ancient History 4th in Biology =11th in 2u English I think I came like.. 11th in Ex1 :S... =7th in EX2 (aka last)heh.. forgot what for photography but it's not that important :P

My wrist is still killing me omg! Dunno what's wrong with it.. but I have to paint.. >.<

Eh I think that's all from me today, if I say anything, it's on the space XD (Jade Cocoon 2 updates are there regularly!)

Watch Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning, no matter if you haven't seen the other 2 cuz it's a pre-qual plus its set in the past, it's not antoher teen movie XD *howls* ~~~Bai~!


went to ARTExpress today.. this guy is good

that's all!


Happy New Year right? Happy Chinese new year, Merry Christmas for last year too...

I'm depressed and bored... so.. I'm updating for the first time in a while, I've been so busy with school and all.. (wow year 12 @.@ stressfulnessness) though in the holidays I DID document what I had on my domain ... so :P I did do SOME-thing... O:)

*is listening to random Robbie Willams and crying*... God it feels good to cry... T.T


Moving along...
Year 12 is so hectic, the sheer amount of work and the speed it has to be done, like, wow... Biology is a lot of fun, learing about genetics at the moment and in Ancient history we've moved onto New Kingdom Egypt *yay Egypt* lol As for Advanced English, Hamlet, for a story where everyone dies, is the most boring thing I've ever endured >.>

The Mel Gibson movie was worst *he makes out with everyone* *shudders*

I might as well mention tomorow is my 6th month anniversary with the most perfect organism alive, my squishy XD *pounces BF* mwah I love him so much, I owe him my life.. and so much more <3<3<3

I have pokémon art work I've done, they're hosted on Tiny Pic because I had them up in the PUK forums, I might put them up here, especially the Ebony/Ivory pictures =3 dedicated to my BF ^____^

*sighs* I haven't that much more to talk about now... I better concentrate on site construction now instead of ranting my extreme depression.. meh.. I'm moody >.<

*Singing Supreme-Robbie Willams* *the song of the month*

{What do you do when one of your best friends girlfriend hates you and bans you from talking to him....?}

thursday 9/12/04

Looooong time since updates, well I'm almost finished my first term assessments for yr12 o_O omggggg... I'm so tired :P I can't WAIT till X-mas holidaysssssss whoot, I want LP vs Jay-Z collision course ^_______^

Gothic? Misunderstood? Visit The Graveyard run by Racheal, Goth exclusive, LP fans welcome ~_^

Yay had my 3 month anniversary on the 19th of November :D but I didn't get to update that ^o) 8-) LOL

I'm 2nd in Ancient History now.. I wonder how that happened... dropped to 7th in art.. I have NO IDEA what happened there.. Harbon conspiracy *evil glare*

I need to totally re-vamp my art posting, thought I haven't done a lot of art at all this year :( That's something for the holidays, update my art page :D

Have fun and stay safe this x-mas peeps, incase I don't see ya, Good morning, Good afternoon and Good night!

*Has just gotten over acute tonsilitis and has been OD'ing on red cordial*

thur 28/10/04

HOwDy ^~

There's a Pokémon trade linkup happening at Burwood games in Sydney on the 7th of November, have fun kids ^~ (PSSST please don't hammer me too hard if you verse me T.T)

WOW..been a long time... it's..OcToBeR again.. (happy birthday to you, ..and you.. and you and you and of course you!) *GASP*

That also means that it's term 4... and.. *GASP* we are doing year 12 HSC course work.. not preliminary anymore!!! *dies* overwhelemed... Whee.... ENTENSION ENGLISH 2 I NOW OFFICIALLY DO 4 UNIT ENGLISH AND DROPPED BUSINESS STUDIES! whee...


I'm really fucking pissed off.... HI! I dunno I felt the need to share that...

I have tests.. yay...

I'm failing I think... yay

I'll go now... yay

And why do people with no talent insist on destroying good 80's music? Slinkee minx remake Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisile.. excuse me but.. THEY WRECKED IT!!!!

fri 16/7/04

Well I haven't updated my rant and it's now basically the end of the holidays... so.. HI!

I Got my grubby mits on the HRD NRG Anthems *pumping now* ;) ooooh SA-WHEET.

Well I guess I'll concentrate on getting the rant up about Camp and about Maria's party now... and yes I put a new background on the LP site from the toolkit.. nifty.. took me ages to make it work :P I wanna make a pictures page too possibly...

Ok so starting with the party and working my way back...


It was my B'day on the 28th WHOO sweet 16th:P Maria's party on Sunday..

Yea.. we got kinda ..drunk..not really... I was hyper :P the sugar in Vodka Cruisers get to me more than the alcohol content :P

Well I ate a reasonable amount of food as you do at a WOGFEST :D lol.. Maria's lucky.. I didn't get a party at all.. and I thought 16 was a milestone for the way I live.. Taking the Life Expectancy test it said I'd live 'till I was 79.4 or something.. provided I don't drink, smoke, drive or get really angry... so I think I'll live to 25... Sam agreed :P hahaha...

Well we sat around in lawnchairs 'til it got dark.. then we were sitting in lawnchairs in the dark drinking and yelling at anyone who turned the lights on :P haha Zidar was getting happy snaps of anyone walking out the back door with his super bright flash.. hence trying to make them fall down the stairs.. he mostly got Eva(Maria's sister) and the other 2 greek Maria's (Ts and V) and Maria Tran was the ONLY one to pass out after only 3 bottles.. she didn't eat :P I had 4 1/2 and was totally capable of kicking people and walking along the edge of the path, the smokes gave me a wicked headache though.. won't do that again..^^;

It was pretty fun 'cause it was a mix of about 16 people from school and Maria's relatives.. including Jim :D hehe...watching people scull was entertaining :D

Maria and Bingle got me a Coke Phone for mah B'day lol THANX GUYS!!! Also thanks to my Uncle Simon who gave me $100, my Aunt Ezia who gave me $100, my Nonna who gave me $100 and my Mum got me chocolates... so she could have them and a curious pot plant ^^; my Dad agreed to get me an MP3 player.... that was 3 weeks ago and I am MP3 player-less... *sigh*

But I'm 16 yay.. Earrings and L plates.. *is being forced to take Learners DKT* ~~~BTW~~~I like.. started studying for it yesterday(15/7/04)and only did 2 trials on the site then went to bed at 4 am thismorning? I got woken at 1pm and told I had to get ready for a REAL test at 2:30pm..OMG I got 3 wrong and failed...(you're actually allowed 3 wrong in one section and 1 in the other.. so I think I got 2 wrong in the wrong section :P)I haven't even READ the handbook yet!

Oh well...

Fri 25/6/04

Well .. long time before rants yes :P
*Playing LP Playlist loudly, Wth>you blaring*
Well I went to Biology camp for a week last week, from Tuesday 15th to Friday the 18th (Monday was the Queen's Birthday holiday yeah.. no school all week :P)

Now that was actually an experience...
Nerringillah Ecology Center and the owner is Phill.. he's kooky but kinda cool, it took me a while to warm up to his antics and answer his questions... LoL he couldn't shut me up after he got me going.. ;)

I can't totally recall every single little fact about this camp even though I would like to.. LOL but for the amount of work it was.. bludging was fun and it was the least stressed I'd been all year.. and my stress levels are UP! As soon as I got back I was stressing...

First thing we did was trek to the rainforest with our little kits full of stuff and all... Well I carried our groups stuff in the red bag and my clipboard and Julian carried the specimen tray we'd apparently be using to find decomposers ^_^ eww... Someone's had a huntsman hiding in it *evil laugh*

We studied trees and stuff... *cough* um..yeah...LOL.. but we got to go and eat afterwards :D well we studied soil ph, humidity, light density, canopy coverage, temperature, wind velocity and all that crap... :P

Night time

*terrorising ppl outside the hall all nite?
*tonys 3am toilet break
*Classice whistle

The next morning I hobbled up to the shower block in my new white fuffy jacket (I LIVED in that jacket 24/7 it was so COLD!) and as Mrs Ellis said "I'd like to see how long that jacket stays white" .. don't worry by the time I got home it was sufficintly scuffed and smeared with dirt :P

We ended up walking 16 kilometers to/from the beach to study the rock platform.. I got a tick behind my ear and pulled it off.. like OWWW!!! And yeah you know we did all the water/rock pool temp and distribution and abundance crap again .. salinity...light density... humidity... :P

I was pretty sore after that.. I had blisters before I went to camp darn ice skating :P after finishing out worksheets you KNOW we're all bored and dying to run around in the dark :D *lookout wombat shieeet*

Night Time

*set eliot traps
*tony on the walk
*mad fire...phills ghost stories
*thing in the bushes
*arthurs will
*burning things
*mrs ellis telling us off

I actually have pretty good photos of this on another dodgy disposible camera and hopefully I can get some good ones form Arthur too, he has a digital thingy LOL get the photo of the red thing.. and some nice fire ones, fire didnt show in my pictures which sucked because I took a picture of Tony's flaming marshmellow and it didn't show :P

I'm not entirely sure of my photo chronology here but, here we go:

1) Cari and Maria in the cabin

2) Julian looking like hes gonna cry, and Zidar not looking a happy camper

3) Pretty beach at the rock platform

4) Julian as BARNICLE BOY! LOL and Zidar hiding himself in his darkness

5) Left to right (standing)Ruth, Ann, Elaine is sitting, Eric Law, Arthur behind Marilena hugging Sophie and Olivia (Tony ran away :P)and a quadrat


7) TONY! Shocked and covered in marshmellow goodness... heh heh heh .. I TOLD him I was gonna get him.. mmm blackmail is sweet..PRICELESS

8) Marilena, Olivia, Arthur the import girlz (LOL.. sorry I dunno 'em 'n that's what Arty calls 'em) and some of Derek being a Derek

9) It was ment to be Tony's flaming marshmellow but my camera killed the fire

10) Olivia and the girl's cabin

11) Trees... I forget where they were...there where a lot of trees..

12) Daniel, Maria, Marilena and Anastacia

13) LOL ok Left to Right: Ann, Denny, Julian, Andy(hiding), Michael, Myself :P(Keegan took the pic), Kevin in the red in front, Vien, Tony (next to me), Zidar, Daniel, Ruth (sitting), Olivia, Jeff (behind), Elaine (next to Olivia) Eric Law, Derek and Anastacia.

14) Left to Right: Michael, Kevin, Vien, Derek, Eric, Tony getting fed and PHILL!!! LoL that's in the cook shed :)

15) More bludging, you can see the Girl's cabin through the glass. (Forground) Andy, Tony, Michael, Kevin, Vien and Kerry-Anne, (Back)Maria, Cari.. possibly Keegan (the Lights are ON by the way...)

16) Marilena and ME :P

17) Tony chucking the ball back to Ian while we load luggage.. that's the campfire and the bush we were riiight next to...


19) Derek, Mick, my finger :P, Kevin, Vien, Jeff, Julian, Zidar and Arthur...OK has anyone noticed I have limited friends :P LOL nah


21) JEFF!! Hint.. see the shiney purtty shirt... this lovely black shirt I want to tax...

22) Now you know why.. >:D

23) Messy side of mah room :P

24) I got my Vege pic.. a bit bluuuuury... (chuckable camera)

Evil Kai
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OH this was cute... :)
I'm evil Kai... >:D

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