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The Real World

You stand on that building and begin to jump,
The thought of this fall makes your throat form a lump,
But life has brought you to this fall,
and this time you're sure, nothing could stop you,
Not Even a wall.
What in life could have brought you here?
Maybe nothing but a simple look in the mirror,
You see along your arms the scratches and cuts,
Burns from those damn cigarette butts,
Your eyes are always empty and glazed,
You seem to walk around in a giant haze,
And all of this leads you to dream about the better days.
Those days so long ago,
When playing was all that you needed to know,
When you smiled all day and were just free,
But all of this changed at the age of three.
When you first encountered death, 
and your neck felt its icy breath.
Now drugs have taken control of your mind,
And your heart has become so numb and blind.
Now the final moment has come,
Although many will say that you are dumb.
Now you take that final leap,
soon your body will be in a small heap,
Never before did you believe in God,
But as you fall you can't help but say,
"Forgive me lord, I just couldn't face the real world."

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