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What is life?
What is death?
What is life without death?
Maybe life is the end and death is the beginning.
The beginning of what?

What is sanity?
What is insanity?
Maybe sanity is doing something wrong,
and insanity is doing something wrong, but thinking you're right.
Maybe the whole world's insane.

What is good?
What is evil?
Is good the thing that always cnquers evil?
But in the end isn't death the only victor?
Maybe life is.

What is right?
What is wrong?
Right is making mistakes,
and wrong is denying them.
Maybe wrong is right, and right is wrong.

What is bravery?
What is cowardness?
Doesn't it take bravery to overpower cowardness?
Maybe we're all brave cowards.

Maybe......Maybe not

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