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Floor It

The light turns yellow,
Speed up or slow down?
Floor it, just to see how fast this car can really go.
It maxes out at 110,
How boring!!
Then you see the flashing lights,
Stop or go?
Go! You always loved a good chase.
You speed through the side streets before finally swurving onto the highway 15 mins. later.

Now you grow tired and think of stopping,
You ram into another car,
You're spinning,
The car is spinning,
The world is spinning, 
and finally it all stops....

Your hands are shaking,
Your insides are shaking,
And if you looked hard enough you might see them through the gash in your stomach.
You stumble out of the car,
Blood is pouring out of you and already turning your black pants red.
Then you see the car you hit...

Your mom kneels beside a lump in the street,
A child,
Your sister,
Is splattered across the pavement
lying in a pool of her own blood,
The only sign of life is her twitching hand,
And that's just nerves.
Your mom screams the only question in her mind,
To which you reply only with a faint 
As you hit your knees and then fall to your stomach.
Your blood surrounds you,
You reach out for the hand that was always there,
Until now..
Tears stream down your face,
You know this is your final breath and you don't care,
Because the last thing you see is the parametics closing your sister's eyes...

Hospital or the cemetary?
Oh, sorry, you already made that choice for her.

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