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Darkest Hours

2:00 am

The numbers are pulsing through my mind
I reach for you again
but as always I find nothing
I can't take anymore, the tears begin to fall.

3:00 am

I can hear every tick of the clock
My only companion against this night
Sometimes I see you standing at the door,
I still hear your footsteps in the hall.

4:00 am

Each night is divided into hours,
Each morning sun I long to be my last
Every second the pain takes another piece,
And I'm still waiting for your call.

5:00 am

The darkest hour of the night,
I can't understand why you've left,
My body begins to crumble
As I reach for the wall.

6:00 am

The sun begins to rise
It's supposed to be like a new beginning
But what if there was never really an end?
As I gaze upon this ball of fire...

The tears begin to fall.