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Close but yet so far

Impale my heart upon a sword
For the whole world to see,
No matter how much I loved you 
Did you ever truly love me?

I wonder why you did this, why you caused this pain,
I wonder why you lied,
When everything I gave you was in vain....
(And all along you were more than happy to watch me die...)

I saw the tears in your eyes,
But I noticed the smile on your lips too,
I never would have believed the lies,
If they had come from anyone but you.

I heard your laughter, as you watched,
(and all along you knew),
That when I started to slip away,
(close but yet so far),
I never took my eyes off you...
I asked for help and you raised the bar.

So to your delight, my grasp slipped,
I had to let it all go,
And finally the terrifying fall came,
My life is shattered,
My heart maimed.