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Firstly, whats the band up to right now?

Leichenwasser: Right now we're working on our new mini CD "Vulva Terror". After
               that we'll start searching 2 new members,so we could give live
               perfomances in the future.

How would you describe the Vulva Intestines sound?

Leichenwasser: Misanthropic,Brutal and uncompromising
Corpsecollector: Full of hate and Violence

How did you get involved with the band?

Leichenwasser: At the beginning of 2003 I already played guitar for a couple 
               of time.Corpsecollector which was using the drumcomputer  
               since a while, joined me and so we decided to record a few
               death/grind songs.Time passed by and our project got more 
               and more serious.Then it was time give our project a name-the 
               name it has now!

Can you remember your first gig (how did it go)?

Leichenwasser: Unfortunately we didn't have any gigs yet but hopefully we
               soon will have a few ones

Are you involved in any other projects and if so how do they compare to
Vulva Intestines?

Leichenwasser: I'm also playing guitar at satanssword but you can't compare them
               with Vulva Intestines.And I played at Superior Blood but not for
               a very long time.

Corpsecollector: I'm just playing bass at Vulva Intestines.

What are your favourite Vulva Intestines tracks?

Leichenwasser: My favourite songs....Well yeah, "Folter Keller" is my fave it's
               slow and brutal.But I really like all the other songs too of    
               course.Why else I had made them?  

Corpsecollector: my personal fave is "Children killer" but every other songs   
                 sounds great too cos each of them is full of crime and hate.

What are your favourite all time songs?

Leichenwasser: there are so many of them.for example I adore Six Feet under's  
               "Torture Killer", "Covered with sores" by CC, Devourments's
               "Baby Killer"....but I really could tell ya a houndred more
Corpsecollector: Like Leichenwasser already said there are just too many.. but I
                 definitely like "War is coming" by Six Feet Under and "Futter
                 für die Schweine"/eisregen...

What the first record you ever bought?

Leichenwasser: oh don't know as far as I remember it was a Deep Purple LP.

Corpsecollector: Sorry can't remember that.

Which album was it that got you into metal and can you explain why?

Leichenwasser: In the age of 13 to 14 I listened a lot to Rock Music from AC/DC
               or Black Sabbath but then I wanted to have something harder so I
               just went to the next Shop and bought Eisregen's "Krebskolonie".

Corpsecollector: I started with Metallica and later I listened to Eisregen

Whats the last album you purchased and what did you think of it?

Leichenwasser: oh yeah "Made of flesh"-Fleshcrawl,it's awesome but I think every
               record of them is fantastic.  

Corpsecollector: Last album I bought was "Graveyard Classics"- Six Feet Under.
                 Hey I really gotta say every song of it is just great!

What would be your dream band line-up?

Six Feet Under,Fleshcrawl,Necrophagia,Disgorge,Devourment

If you could do a cover for a tribute album to any band, which song of which
band would you pick and why?

Leichenwasser: I'm pretty sure it would be Six Feet Under's "Torture           
               Killer",first we already made a coverversion of it and second
               this song has amazing riffs and brilliant,  perverse and brutal

What do you think of the position of metal and music in general today?

Leichenwasser: I'm gonna keep my mouth shout to this.
Corpsecollector:  no comment

Which other bands stand out for you at the moment?

Leichenwasser: Six Feet Under, Disgorge, Deeds of flesh, Dying fetus,

Corpscollector:Six Feet Under, Fleshcrawl, Bloodbath, Ressurected

Do you have any funny stories about the band you can share with us?

Leichenwasser: We kicked out our man on the bass guitar
               and he didn't know about it hahaha

Corpscollector: For me the funniest thing actually was that the first song we
                made was about my ex-girlfriend. muhahahahahhaa

and finally, what do you see in the future for Vulva Intestines?

Leichenwasser:Well, the mini CD "Vulva Terror" should be released in the
              following next month or maybe in the end of this year.
              After this we have so many things we really wanna much
              more albums,gigs and stuff like that

Corpscollector:  Future looks great. The sound will improve and gigs will follow

Thanks for your time and the interview and stay insane

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