I have to confess although I've known of the gathering for a while now, I've done an interview with Anneke and I own If_Then_Else, I've never given them a chance and I couldn't name one of there songs.  As I listen to Sleepy Buildings I know that this is nothing like they usually sound as this is a Semi-Acoustic live album.  It's a very strange affair and not the sort of sound I would generally go for, with the soft rock feel to it.  As I listen on and on I realise I'm being sucked in by Anneke van Geirsbergen's beautiful vocals and the soothing piano accompanying her.  If you want to relax this is a total calming experience, hence the name, Sleepy Buildings.  It's like listening to the soft bits of an Opeth album only without the bits that make you shit yourself in between.




the Gathering

Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening